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LEADING IN A TIME OF CRISIS - Shared screen with speaker view
Zak Kurtzhals
We have had a ton of success using the Microsoft Teams platform. We were able to go from very little knowledge about the platform to using it multiple times per day.
Tyler Valentine
In financial services, from a customer/member perspective, we are seeing much broader adoption and usage of mobile banking, online banking and e-sign documents, across generations
Zak Kurtzhals
I think that we are recognizing some advantages to virtual meetings that will extend beyond this crisis. Many of the daily meetings that we have will be able to be conducted while people remain at their desks which will result in increased productivity.
Sarah Salimi
Last week my company announced a logistics tool that functions like Slack for the supply chain. It connects shippers, carriers, brokers, truckers and the warehouse teams. We were focused on energy customers and have been asked to work with Red Cross and medical fields. We are trying to scale the new product. I think the timing makes it difficult to support via traditional digital marketing channels. Our company itself was already very virtual friendy so aside from the uncertainty, we have been impacted less than most.