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Covering Unemployment Benefits with Mark Butler Georgia's Labor Commissioner - Shared screen with speaker view
Aaron Johnson
Good Afternoon Team this is Aaron from the C&E Team
Marc Parham
Please enter your questions into the Q&A feature and they will be addressed. Thank You.
Marc Parham
Please enter your questions into the Q&A feature
Hanane Terbeche
How to edit a week recertification mistakes, I realized I entered the wrong numbers when entering my weekly income ? TY
Marc Parham
Please use the Q&A to ask questions
Galaxy A20
Filed successfully in April, however can I please speak with a UI Representative verbally to clarify any information required of me, so that my Claim can be activated and my benefits can be released to me via Direct Deposit? Thank you kindly.
Nancy Flake Johnson
Lakendria CASON
What's the average wait time for a claim to be processed? I have been waiting 9 weeks. I have called and emailed. I am also self employed and just picked up a part- time job, Would I still be able to receive PUA benefits? If so, how much will I be able to make and still receive benefits. The part time employer stated I am a part time worker with no guaranteed hours. Any suggestions on what I should do and can contact someone?
Nancy Flake Johnson
View the Tutorials on the GA Department of Labor website: gdol.ga.gov before you apply for benefits to ensure you complete the process correctly.
Nancy Flake Johnson
7 am - 7 pm Hours of Operation - Check original correspondence for phone numbers and use those #s. Look up your local GA Department of Labor Career Center # and call during off hours = early AM and late evening.
Aaron Johnson
Thank you! This was amazing :) - Aaron C&E with the Urban League
Thank you