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Arts: Unemployment, tax credits, and other employer rules - Shared screen with speaker view
Joan Karpeles
what is the website url?
Tina Lilly
This is the link to the Georgia Council of the Arts' website and the COVID-19 resources- https://gaarts.org/tools-for-advancement/emergency-preparedness/
Erin Day
when we file on their behalf is there anything that the employee needs to do? Anything they need to file in addition to what we file for them?
Lara Smith
Just got this message from the DOL: “You must file your claims each week for benefits to be paid to your employees. Your employees do not request their weekly payments. Do not file subsequent claims less than 7 days after the week ending date (WED) of the previous week's claims. Claims submitted for a WED that is less than 7 days after the previous week's WED will not be paid.” Do I need to go back in and refile what I did last week for WED 4-5 now? Then file WED 4-12 that I did Monday next week?
Lara Smith
WED is week ending day
Lara Smith
Lara Smith
That’s not what it’s saying
Lara Smith
My week ending date is 4/12, and I’ve already filed. But that makes it seem like it’s too soon because it says not more than seven days
Lara Smith
So do I need to refile?
Joan Karpeles
I am the sole employee of my S Corporation and get a W-2 from my company. My company files a GA DOL-4N quarterly. Do I apply as the employee or the employer?
Theresa Khouri
when you said to file for PUA send your letter of ineligibility to Fed program...where does that get sent? Is there a website specifically for filing PUA?