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Open Q+A & 2-Hours of FREE NYS CE Credit — Anchor Tenant, Co-Tenancy, Continuous and Other Retail Business Operating Requirements - Shared screen with speaker view
Doug Weinstein
Are you encountering LLs requesting recapture rights when tenants push for aggressive covid language.
Doug Kleiman
I have a question re: negotiating/re-negotiating leasing now (B4 the August 20th, and Sept 30th dates)
Young Kim
I have an offer from a major tenant asking for day-for-day forgiveness of rent in the event of Force Majeure coupled with % rent if reduced revenue due to government actions
Ryan Haber
Here’s today’s Anchor Tenant, Co-Tenancy, Continuous and Other Retail Business Operating Requirements course outline: https://bit.ly/3eyI0YN
Doug Kleiman
My understanding is that many/most tenants within Hudson Yards have a right to terminate their leases if/when Nieman Marcus leaves
Ryan Haber
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Beth Levinson
Ryan can you pls send along the website for the Lacrosse donations? thank you!
Ryan Haber
Here’s the link to learn more about our charity of the month and charitable initiatives: https://leasingreality.com/charity
Ryan Haber
Here’s the direct link to Harlem Lacrosse’s donation page: https://secure.harlemlacrosse.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?id=2&reset=1
Ryan Haber
Thank you!
Ryan Haber
Thanks for joining us today - feel free to reach out to Larry at 9173629413 or lhaber@agmblaw.com for any offline questions/comments. Stay safe and enjoy the 4th!Note that we will submit the “student list” to the DOS as soon as possible. Thereafter, we will generate certificates for those that provided broker license credentials during the registration process - an email will follow when the certificates have been uploaded to Leasing REality with access details. For those that attended sessions on 5.22, 5.29 and 6.5, the password will be the same (and will be sent again when they are uploaded). If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.
Doug Weinstein
Thanks Larry
Gabriel Staab
thank you larry and ryan
Irwin Krasnow
Thank you Larry. Everyone have a great July 4th Weekend and be safe!
Doug Kleiman
Thanks Larry!! Really appreciate these seminars!