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Self-Amplifying RNA Vaccine against COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jane Alleva
Quick update we will be asking questions when Dr. Blakney has finished with her presentation. However, you can type any questions using the Q&A found at the bottom of your screen and that will be asked when go to the Q&A section. If you raise your hand I will verify you want to ask a question live and will come to you when we are at the Q&A session.
Jane Alleva
Don’t forget to post any questions in the Q&A section found on your tool bar (usually on the bottom of your screen).
Jane Alleva
Please type all questions in the Q&A not in chat to ensure it is asked
Rekha Garg
Do you expect a memory immune response with this Vaccine formulation?
Jane Alleva
Please ask questions in the Q&A and not chat to ensure your questions are asked to the presenter
Jane Alleva
Raise your hand if you want to ask a question live or ask your question in Q&A
Jane Alleva
All attendees will get this recording and if we ask a question that needs follow up it will included in our email follow up to you