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MOMD Equity Webinar #1 with Dr. Martine Hackett - Shared screen with speaker view
Jenee Russell
How can we address limited access to mental health services for underserved, low income, minority populations if structural racism is heavily embedded in the systems, politically, that block the ability of these mothers to even reach their equity goal?
Amanda Martin
Will the recording of this webinar be shared? I have some colleagues that would like to see this but could not attend today. Thank you!
Rachel Schwartz
I’m curious if you know of any models for community-based mental health care than involve not just licensed MH professionals but also a spectrum of peer and group-based support
Geraldine O'Keeffe
I think the problem is transportation to get to doctors. that would be something to work on . if a mom does not have a car and does not feel like taking 2 buses perhaps free transportation would be a beginning .
Amanda Martin
location and childcare availibilty at support groups is important