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Think Again - Jamis Johnson - Speaker view
charlene durham
Thank you for your courage and service! So many questions: First: is there any recourse to make prosecutors accountable for overreach? Second: I have friends who have had church callings to conduct meetings at the prison. How are these services viewed by the residents? Are they appreciated or do they feel condescending?
Dan Eastmond
How do you get back on your feet after being incarcerated? Are there reforms for the parole process?
Steven Parkin
In some other countries, their prisons are "schools with fences", in other words, prisoners are educated out of their criminal frame of mind. Comments?
Steven Parkin
How much oversight do paroles need? Do they need help securing housing & employment so they do not reoffend?
Thank you for the presentation. Three of my sons have been incarcerated -- huge reason is because they are black. Makes it tough for them to get a fair sentence. I don't expect this to be addressed tonight.
Walter .
I wanted to share someother great resources I have worked with in a letter writing program to inmates :Dr. Anthony Nocella, assistant professor of criminal justice and criminology and co-chair of the Utah Reintegration ProjectI have also been impressed with Dr. David Bokovoy, director of prison education at SLCC at various presentations.Here is a article so you can easily get a feel of how they are helping with reintegration.https://www.sltrib.com/amplify-utah/2021/10/22/how-one-schools-chief/
Mark de St. Aubin
Thank you, Jamis, Ramon, and other participants. Appreciate all of these thoughts on an important issue.
Thank you, Jay!