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Wednesday LTC Provider Call - DPHS - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Nichols Administrator Gerrish Manor
Hi everyone! Amy Nichols from Gerrish Manor here.
Toni Hanson - Bel-Air Nursing and Rehab, Goffstown
We were told that the nursing homes will be paying for the actual testing and for employee's their insurance co-pays would be in effect? Is this testing optional? The Governor states that all nursing homes and residents in Rockingham and Hillsborough county must be tested. If we must be tested why would the facility have to pay for the test?
Can you clarify the scope of patients transferring from a hospital to a long term care facility needing testing? Does this include patients sent from an ED only (no inpatient hospitalization). Does the need to test patients include those going to a hospice house? thank you
If a non Covid patient is returning from the hospital do they need to quarantine for 14 days?
Carriage Hill
We wanted to ask your opinions about allowing families to visit from afar outside. 15 feet of separation outside on the patio. We currently do not have any symptomatic residents.
Luanne Rogers
We have been scheduled for testing on May 1. I have been told free, but if employee has insurance they will bill insurance. Most insurances have waived copays for this - otherwise is free. they are not coming to our center, but to a drive through site they have set up. The consent allows positive results be reported to us.
Tabitha Dowd
Can you clarify when the governor anticipates allowing ALFs to admit new residents, we are Coivd free
Ciaran Smith--MVC
If a staff member has a hospital visit (ED or overnight) do they have to stay out of work for the 14 day period? Or can we trust that they are using precautions at the hospital?
Ciaran Smith--MVC
Clarify- The visit was not a COVID related visit.
Mark Queiros
with 1000S of healthcare workers asking when will I get paid the ltcs funds when will approvals be done and when and where will this very stressful topic be addressed ?
Amy Nichols Administrator Gerrish Manor
Tabitha, my understanding is admissions have been acceptable all along with screening - it's up to each facility to choose to do admits or not.
Tabitha Dowd
Thank you! Amy
Amy Nichols Administrator Gerrish Manor
You are very welcome :) I have an algorithm if you e-mail me I can send you. My e-mail is anichols@mcnhome.net
Ciaran Smith--MVC
Thank you
lisa chamberlain
Are there any additional recommendations that you have for a LTC facility that has a non direct care worker who tested positive?
Toni Hanson - Bel-Air Nursing and Rehab, Goffstown
we are finding that we are screening staff coming into the building with asking if anyone in their household is ill, have you or anyone in your household traveled internationally or domestically, have they been exposed to anyone testing positive or presumptive positive, have you had any family members or friends visit or have you visited them, then asking about symptoms and going through a whole line of questions, taking their temps and now 02 saturations and doing a smell test. Is there anything else we could add to the screening? I am faithfully asking and screening and still staff are passing the screening and then I find out a couple of days later they are positive. What could I add to my screening?
Clare Wilmot
GI symptoms???
Do you know if the clinics such as Convenient MD, doctor's offices, in the state etc. have broadly been made aware of the test based strategy preference for healthcare workers? They haven't been doing this around here from what I've seen, and are ultimately the ones who would make that decision for staff.
Referring to workers who have not previously tested positive anyways
/suspected cases.
Kristen Schmidt
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Amelia -Wellstone House
thank you
Mark Queiros
thank you lisa