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An Evening with John Eldredge - hosted via Zoom by Pleasant Valley Baptist Church - Shared screen with speaker view
Jadon Walker
what are some of your favorite verses that refer to Gods healing power through nature?
Craig Chandler
since you aren’t commuting anymore, when are you pausing?
Aaron Nelson
This is slightly off topic, but I’m going to take the opportunity to ask. It was part of my job at one time to care for young men who are mostly bedridden or physically immobile due to disability. I’ve wondered is there anything you would be sure to include in your teaching if you knew you were speaking to them?
Shane Gliser
Given your unplugged stance, do you use a digital bible during your God time? How do you minimize the distractions if you do?
Jerry Seever
What advice would you give to the men and women who have to work long hours serving the public during the pandemic?
Christopher Conner
Thank you John.
Christopher Conner
what do you say to us who are trying to pour our lives into the next generation?
Jadon Walker
thank you John. Your book “Wild at Heart” had a drastic effect on restoring my life and my relationship with God. God bless you!!
Jerry Conner
I use your recorded Daily Prayer often when I walk early mornings, do you go through that daily yourself,
Eric Buchmann
Alot of churches are meeting digitally, dp you anticipate any big changes in the church as a result of the quarantine?
philip graham
Wow - this has connected another dot on my journey. Connecting my search for what God has for me by pausing, connecting with his creation and giving everything and everyone to him.
Ryan Mckay
What books are you reading at this time during this strange season of life?
Joel Harris
hey John - long time listener, first time chat-er, my wife has been in isolation for 1mo bc of virus. I’m single dad mode w 5 kids (one is 3 yrs old), plus work. what ideas can you provide for supporting the wife in the trauma she’s experienced, being away from us for 1 mo and the trauma my kids may or may not experience?
John Newsom
If you guys haven’t seen A Story Worth Living on Amazon Prime, check it out.
Chris Adams
Thank you so much for your time and words. This has been a very refreshing and encouraging time tonight.
Jay Minnick
Thank you, John!
Jay Gordon
Thank you
Paul Howland
Thank you, John!!
Jarrod Kingston
yes, thank you John!
michael french
thanks everyone and bless all of you men. Keep the faith.
Chip Huber
grateful for the soul care given tonight!
Stephen 13
Caleb Eissler
Thank you for doing this, I thank you for passing on a message of God's love, peace and guidance as all that's goin' on is happening. God bless you all.
David Sullivan
Thank you John for sharing your time and wisdom with us. Corey thanks for your leadership and caring for men.
Mark Reiter
thanks John!
Tracy Limberg
Thanks to both John and Corey