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Volunteer Call with Joyce and Bill - Shared screen with speaker view
Celina Miranda
My apologies to all of you for the distraction. I am grateful to the Foundation for its support and for the opportunity to volunteer in this way.
Jackie Dinneen
70 participants!
Deborah Turner
It was great to meet you all. I have to drop now but am grateful for the chance to work with Cummings Foundation. Bill, Joyce, Joyce V. and Christina - thank you!! Take care. and be well.
Alison Johnson
Thank you all so much! It’s been so wonderful to be part of this group and I can’t wait to get back to site visits! Best to all.
Deb Re
Thank you for all the positivity and to share all the wonderful work happening in our community!
Jackie Dinneen
Humbled. Grateful. Proud. Thank you to Bill & Joyce's leadership, and the Cummings Foundation team. You impact so many people in need, and its an distinct honor to support your incredible vision and work.