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EMResource Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Diane Rossi MacKay Rossi MacKay
could you please move screen over so we can see the titles
Cristina Kolln
I don't have a mic. I missed part of the call, but will providing this information help with the distribution of PPE?
Essey Yirdaw
a question from CHA data team: does CDPHE have an archive where they store the daily logs? for example what happens on Saturday and Sunday's?
Shira Borck
If we already use this system in our ER, do we need to make a separate account for this purpose?
Shira Borck
I don't have a mic
Toni Foos
Question on comments. All of the responses are lumped together and there is no way to identify which column the comment pertains to . . .
Steve Hilley
We need to separate the ILI from the COVID testing. The ILIs are still around. Please make a separate column.