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OFEA: State of the Industry - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Bleau
Direct emails to stakeholders + press release to local media
Kate Donovan
Kelsey, would you be willing to share your cancellation/crisis handbook you referenced?
Michael Bleau
Make sure you have an out in the event of cancellation, if you’re going with a pledge have a set cliff date
Kelsey Balensifer, Astoria Chamber
Stacy, it depends on the event. An international event that bring people from outside the nation is going to require a longer lead time than a small, local event in your neighborhood.
Joseph Allison, City of Albany
Leann Schoales: In general, contract terms will set the legal rights and responsibilities. (the only exceptions I am aware of off the top of my head are with “adhesion” contracts (where one party has all the power of negotiation and the other party has no other options for necessary services) and “bad actors.” i think most people I have heard of not relying on those clauses are doing so for the PR reasons rather than a lack of enforceability.
Joseph Allison, City of Albany
Alex Peterson: I just did a search for “governmental interference” on fast case. I don’t see a hit on that exact wording in the contract context, but that language seems to provide a better argument to an attorney that other language i’ve seen for an event cancelled to comply with Gov Brown’s social distancing order…
Joseph Allison, City of Albany
That search was specific to Oregon.
Brian Crow
Our language is "government or military disruption"
Joseph Allison, City of Albany
@Brian Crow - That is, i think, more common language describing war or coup situations, which are common “Force Majeure” situations.
Michael Bleau
Please drop all Q&A questions in here so we can get to as many as possible in our last few min!
Joseph Allison, City of Albany
Not that doesn’t mean your attorney can’t use that language to argue if necessary.