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Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees (ARCSE) Annual Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Rex Martin
Great work and presentation Joe! Amazing detective work.
Rex Martin
Thank you ARCSE for your internship partnership!
Rex Martin
I appreciate being invite to participate. I need to run. Look forward to seeing you at another virtual events
Carl DuPoldt
Thank you.
Joe Otto
Thanks for the insight, Don! I'll add that to note to the record.
David Buland
How do I exit the ARCSE annual meeting and join the ARCSE board meeting? Once the annual meeting concludes, you will leave the annual meeting session and join the ARCSE board meeting via the Zoom link below. You will be required to input your name and email.o https://zoom.us/j/96944267930?pwd=Ym5CSVFRb1Ntc3BHQUljTEgyeXhVZz09o Passcode (if needed): 604787 Call into the session:o 1 312 626 6799o Meeting ID (if needed): 969 4426 7930o Passcode (if needed): 604787Dana’s Zoom Access Details to Continue the ARCSE Board Meeting Past 12:30pm Central TimeFrom: Dana York <dyork818@yahoo.com>Subject: Board Meeting 2 Zoom RegistrationDate: July 23, 2020 at 10:24:17 AM MDTTo: Jack Carlson <pspicata@gmail.com>, Cheryl Simmons <cksoil@aol.com>Jack- Here is the zoom meeting I set up to follow the one with SWCS login. Can you forward this to all the board members?Hi there,You are invited to a Zoom meeting.When: Jul 27, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (12:00 Central Time)Register in advance f