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Global Read Webinar Series - Africana Book Award - Shared screen with speaker view
Brenda Randolph
How has your family reacted to Grandpa Cacao
Valeria Rodriguez
I want to thank you for your presentation and creating your book, in 2002 in West Africa it was reported that children were victims of forced labor and human trafficking in the cocoa industry, what is your take in this matter regarding children trafficking for the cocoa industry? I also want to thank you for using the term “free trade” in the book, it gives me the idea that you are aware of forced labor.
I have to say that I got home late so was watching the webinar at dinner—my husband and three kids (in their late teens and twenties) were engrossed and enthralled. you do amazing art that speaks to people of all ages—thank you!
Kyndal Fletcher
Thank you for your presentation! I appreciate you sharing your storytelling process with us and including us in the explanation of your vision. What other stories you want to tell?
Dr. Helen Bond
Any advice for teachers on how they might use
Dr. Helen Bond
Any advice for teachers on how they might use your books in the classroom?
Karen O. Brown
Fantastic and deeply meaningful presentation. Thank you! I will be using your book with a 3rd grade artist in residency in Maryland in the next few weeks. We’ll be studying flowers from various areas in West Africa and one of our choices will be the Cacao plant and it’s flowers and fruit. We’ll create large, 3-D flowers for an art installation in their new school opening in the Fall. So, thanks again for this wonderful resource - both the book and your presentation!
Elsa Marie Wiehe
Thank you for this most insightful and fascinating presentation! Your iterative creative process is so mesmerizing, and you produce such beauty, text and visual combined! Will this webinar be available for the public after tonight? I would like to share it widely with art educators! Thank you!
Denise Woltering
Yes. It will be share here: https://internationalizingsocialstudies.blog/world-area-book-awards/spring-2020-webinar-series/