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NHDOE COVID-19 Update with Education Leaders
Meryl Levin
Can you talk about the need for protection - if the state decides that we are to open our schools, but then there is an outbreak - can parents sue the individual school? There is some guidance out there suggestion that schools create waivers…what is the guidance on that please?
Christy Whipple
Good afternoon...can you speak to whether or not an administrator's certification may be in jeopardy around end of the year events? There was some concern recently expressed at a school board meeting in our area that certification/licensure may be in jeopardy if CDC and DOE guidelines are not adhered to.
Meryl Levin
Also, will there be a template for suggested COVID-19 Code of Conduct - for staff, kiddos, families?
Tina McCoy - Raymond
Any progress on finding out how the Governor’s ‘Stay at Home 2.0’ Reopening Guidelines will apply to school districts - ex. Taking temperature of everyone, etc. Do these guidelines all apply to us?
Andrea Elliot
We have done a general poll of families and as much as they WANT to come back to school, there are still a large percentage that indicate they are not comfortable with risks of doing so. I am concerned about running face to face and remote programs at the same time to meet all needs.
Tony Polito, Granite St.Charter
I would strongly recommend a week on, week off of two cohorts A /B which rotates live and remote to lower density. MA is discussing this actively now.
Becky Forrestall
We have contacted outside evaluators to do some of our most complicated 3 year re-evaluations. They have informed us that they would not be doing remote evaluations as they are not ethical or valid. I also believe many districts are maintaining evaluation timelines for re-evaluations re:eligibility. Not sure it is accurate that districts are just “not doing” evaluations/eligibility, even if it is using different data than what we may typically use.
Helen Rist
Most evaluation tools are not normed to be done virtually and for young children cannot be done with fidelity. The results would not be ethical to use to determine baseline skills.
In regards to the grad. ceremony survey I might suggest adding “still in planning phase”.
Rachel Borge
Thank you, Becky and Helen. I was just composing a similar concern. Any assessment completed outside of the standardized conditions cannot result in valid results.
Rachel Borge
Norming is compromised
Michael Bessette
Remote Learning is creating substantial concerns for parents who are returning to work. This is due to parents having to make family decisions regarding returning to work versus staying home with elementary age children. It is exacerbated when special education learning needs are part of the situation for families. Given two of three likely scenarios being offered for September include continuing or returning to elements of remote learning, what resources are being considered that might support parents who cannot sustain a remote learning environment for their child?
Could you share specifics relative to the high numbers of special education evaluations not being conducted? Specific numbers and the data source? What is considered "high"? Is this a statewide issue or district specific?
Tina McCoy - Raymond
I need to clarify Summer Programs vs ESY - did you (Frank) mean to lump them together when you said that summer programs will go under the same guidelines as businesses when they reopen?
Tina McCoy - Raymond
The waiver for summer meals applies only to Districts who normally provide summer lunches anyway. Correct?
Grant Bosse
#Graduation2020 https://www.facebook.com/facebookapp/videos/378060546441584/
Mary Wilson
When will ESSER Funds be released?
Grant Bosse
Grant Bosse
NH Graduate Together 2020 message
Grant Bosse
We've been told that one of the main reasons that special education evaluations/re-evals are not happening is because there is no way to remotely replicate the in class observation.
Kris Franklin
Will Cheri please send an updated summary of food service waivers ASAP? There is a lot of confusion...
Grant Bosse
Facebook/Instagram is at 2PM today.
Can we see the grad survey results again…..I’m slow!
Ashley Frame
Hi, Mary!ESSER Allocations, application materials, assurances, fact sheets, and a discussion about equitable services were sent out/delivered on Monday. We mentioned in the presentation and in the materials that we are building the online grants management system
Ashley Frame
It will be done soon!
Thanks for all of your hard work on ESSER Ashley!
Becky Forrestall
Can you clarify when we can expect more specific guidance on health/safety protocols for ESY? This would include transportation guidelines?
Ashley, do we upload the GEPA and DOE applications or can you let us know who to email those docs to at the DOE.
Ashley Frame
@Sarah...you're welcome! Phew!
Michael Bessette
Please be careful endorsing the Facebook / Instagram event with students and families. Two of the individuals represented on that list (Awkwafina / Cyrus) are controversial celebrities at best - but certainly do not reflect the characteristics of role models that I suspect the DOE (or school districts in general) want to represent as "role model" behavior.
Guidance on use of PPE in schools if we are to return to buildings is also necessary.
Colleen Sliva
does it violate educator code of conduct for a para educator to provide service to a student in their home when a parent is present?
Mary Wilson
Thanks, Ashley, I attended Monday. Just waiting for on-line Grant System.....
Steve Appleby
Not that I am aware of either unless it somehow violated the code of conduct.
Steve Appleby
You can contact me directly with specific questions at stephen.appleby@doe.nh.gov
Thomas Ambrose
We don’t need a COVID code of conduct but we really need a remote learning code of conduct.
Chris Beeso
returning to blgs for face to face evaluations this summer will be dependent on availability of PPE for staff and students. Even with these things in place I’m honestly not sure how comfortable families are going to feel sending kiddos into buildings.
Thomas Ambrose
We all know that we may be on remote learning in the fall.
Steve Appleby
Hi Colleen- the activity you ask about does not violate the CoC. Thank you. You can email me directly to discuss further if you would like.
Jennifer Pomykato
Becky Forrestall
With the task force conversations- these plans that are being made are specific to emergency orders, not for “general use” correct? Schools would not be expected to always have a remote option AND an in-person option? Remote would not be used unless there is a true medical reason or an emergency of some sort? Correct?
Thomas Ambrose
I want to chime in that I hope we are looking at in person or remote. A hybrid is not really going to do anything because it is virtually impossible to prevent students from having contact if they are together in an A/B model. The younger they are the more impossible social distancing becomes.
Karen Guercia
Eligibility Determination for special education services does not always require additional evaluations(assessments). We are still making those determinations based on the data we have and continuing to identify students.
Meryl Levin
IN relation to PPE for school (the folks who need to take temps, masks for kids/staff/visitors) will these be provided to schools? Guidance on this please!
Tina McCoy - Raymond
OK - thanks.
If you are looking to offer the summer meals program, please contact the Office of Nutrition. There are a few different options for you. cheri.white@doe.nh.gov
Yes, I will send an updated list of waivers. working on it now.
Indiana (and others) have opted to move ahead with the Title I definition for equitable services. Are we advocating for that position in our discussions with USDOE?
Caitlin Davis
Charter School ESSER CARES Act Meeting is during biweekly Charter Call this coming Tuesday 5/19 at 10:00 AM
Can we make our own decision to plan ESY remotely, as we have continued to wait for clarification, and I do not think we can afford to wait any longer.
Will the state be giving us a specific sheet for health screening for employees and guidance as to the frequency those must be collected? I have seen anywhere from "return to work" to "daily" to "each re-entry into the building." The logistics are daunting. Also with temperature taking--if students are walking to school but need to be at ambient temperature for ten minutes before temps are taken, where do we put them?
Thomas Ambrose
Ok, the guidance is good but we might want to “beef it up” if we are remote next year. I will check in with Diana.
Shelly Fagen
Can that document be sent out again?
Thomas Ambrose
Great idea Shelley
Shelly Fagen
The one that gives guidelines during COVID?
Is the PPE available for Non-Public Schools for free?
Grant Bosse
Masks Requests https://prd.blogs.nh.gov/dos/hsem/?page_id=8451
Thomas Ambrose
Wait wait read my whole point about the fall you missed what I was saying
Grant Bosse
Link is on NH COVID-19 page https://www.nh.gov/covid19/
Ashley Frame
Documents for the ESSER grant will primarily be attached in the grants management system. We are currently building that system. We have a call for Charter Schools on Tuesday, so hopefully all schools will attend. Directions for each piece are located on the documents themselves (application, GEPA, program assurances, etc.). As the Commissioner mentioned, there are a few outstanding questions that are impacting our complete roll-out of the grant, notably, Equitable participation formula.
Thomas Ambrose
I think the fall is unclear but I am hoping we can have normal school but the A/B model is really not helpful.
Becky Forrestall
I totally appreciate the “pivot” strategy- just wanted to make sure the message was not that families could just choose remote or in person “at will” and that the decisions would be based on medical or emergency orders, versus other personal preferences. Thanks.
Thomas Ambrose
Thanks Becky
Helen Rist
Karen G.- Exactly! It shouldn’t be said that ‘we aren’t doing evaluations’ because that implies that we aren’t following compliance indicators.
Meryl Levin
Guidance for daily screening will be key. Space, people to do the screening, PPE protections for them, what the screening will actually need to be (temp is just one - people like to talk about but by the time you have temp….). Daily morning traffic flow in relation to screening. Big challenges…
Meryl Levin
For clarity, does PPE mean just masks in this ordering? Someone taking temps and assessing will need more than that, won’t they?
Meryl Levin
Wouldn’t you want more protection?
Carl Ladd
The ESSER law itself was built on Title I allocations and formulas. The US ED chose to ignore that and submit regulations that circumvents the law as passed. I would hope that we would adhere to the Congressional intent and the law rather than the incorrect US ED interpretation. Just saying…
Grant Bosse
Remote Instruction Code of Conduct
Grant Bosse
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Becky Forrestall
I understand “who would evaluate” medical need for remote- my son had cancer for 8 years, so I realize all the complicated family situations. However, I have had to provide the school district with documentations for certain things in accordance with medical need. I think we certainly could work with HIPPA and FERPA, etc. to still get documentation of a “need” for remote, if the rest of the district is doing “in person” schooling. Having at some point, clarity and procedures for documenting an alternative remote plan versus what district are doing at a given time, would be very important for families and districts. Thanks so much.
Helen Rist
What poll are you referencing when you say that 60% of districts are delay evaluations? Was it a parent survey? Or data provided by school districts?
Rebecca Fredette NH
To clarify regarding the special education evaluation information. In regards to referrals, many districts indicated they were postponing evaluations until in person, they did not indicate they were not doing evaluations.
Becky Forrestall
I think it is important to designate “new referrals” from three year re-evaluations.
Becky Forrestall
That makes more sense
Meryl Levin
When you speak to the gov, can you be sure to ask for more fuller PPE
Thomas Ambrose
Thanks Everyone!
Meryl Levin
Thank you!
Becky Forrestall
Thank you so much.
Mary Croteau
Thank you! Have a good weekend!
Sister Mary Agnes Dombroski
Thank you, have a great weekend!
Thomas Ambrose
Have fun this weekend!
Becky Forrestall
You, too!