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Employee Traffic Reduction Program Rule Listening Session - April 20 - Shared screen with speaker view
Lauren McDonell
More information, including a fact sheet on ETRP: https://cdphe.colorado.gov/reducing-greenhouse-gas-emissions-from-transportation
Margaret McRoberts
Will each company complete a baseline to accurately understand present ghg emissions from employee commuting?
Margaret McRoberts
I am assuming that business travel is separate from employee commuting… Is that a correct assumption?
Margaret McRoberts
How will this ETRP effort coordinate with CDOT’s annual efforts and overall plan? public transit, etc.
Lauren Pulver, Douglas County
Will the state be reviewing plans to identify equity concerns?
Eric Petersen
How would it be viewed if an employer has say 30 employees onsite at a time with say 70 contract workers working for another employer?
Tari K
So baseline (initial survey)will be post COVID and future reduction goals will be applicable to post COVID SOV instead of pre COIVD SOV?
Lance Landry
The Seattle "Commute Trip Reduction" Municipal Code includes the phrase "Good Faith Effort" for employers that have met the minimum requirements of the program regardless of whether an employer has met the goals. Will CDPHE include similar language in their rule?
Margaret McRoberts
Some of our larger companies in Colorado, such as Einstein Bagels and Red Robin, won’t be included in this rulemaking, yes? Since they have less than 100 employees at a given location, but overall a substantially larger amount in aggregate.
Margaret McRoberts
Has there been an estimation as to how much ghg emissions would be reduced from this ETRP as it has developed at the moment? Is this the largest ROI invest for efforts related to employee commuting across the state of Colorado?
Abby Gibbons
Will the reduction goals be based on total miles traveled by employees?