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ARIN COVID-19 Support Group - Shared screen with speaker view
what are you doing for self care? what is your institution providing for you?
Karen Green
My organization as a whole has not been overly there for us. It is the staff that STOP and review a patient who had been positive, now with 2 negative tests, and we make sure we have things in place to proceed.
Karen Green
We have one staff member lives with an individual who has received a kidney transplant several years ago. We take a special effort to keep him away from these procedures because we value this other person.
Karen Green
I like the idea of IDing 3 good things that happened each day! THey can be the smallest of times, but would be so uplifting!
Cynthia Keener
I heard that people really loved writing and receiving those notes... I'll be sure to look
Cynthia Keener
for when that is done again!
Lisa Cole
Hopefully in the nest few weeks!