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The Foodservice sector today and tomorrow. But will there be a “tomorrow” for the sector when we emerge from Covid-19? - Shared screen with speaker view
Kevin McCabe
Question is will there be a food service ???
Kevin McCabe
what do you all think the reset plan is
David Morris
I absolutely love Scott's positivity. YES that is what we all need to drive everyone together in the right direction. We can get through this TOGETHER!
Mark Patterson
Couldn’t agree with you more David. This is what it is and we will get through it - there is no other option. Scott’s positivity is fantastic and we all have to be agile. Nobody knows yet how all this will evolve in any sector never mind food and service. TOGETHER is the only way forward!
Natalie Hunt
As the daughter of a fen fruit and veg merchant, I hope that we do learn to value food more, and expect less choice. Although I may occasionally want an exotic for one of my favourite character creations like Will-I-yam :)
Julie Cleijne
Are food service businesses taking the time to upskill their teams in specific skills? Or review their operations to adopt new tech? Review Health & Safety processes? Allergen-Management processes? Just to name a few…E.g. Chefs and front of house team doing online training?
Kevin McCabe
very valid point Ton - retail to aggressive - Leadership from government
Kevin McCabe
Max - the retailers have been aggressively greedy
David Morris
Health and food work hand in hand. We are now learning the value of food. As 3rd world countries have shown communities can be built around the farming industry and become a partnership to support people who work on the land in return to enable them to eat better and at affordable prices.
Linda Carobbi
I am looking the webinar from Italy. And I can assure you we have the very same situation. Retailers are very aggressive towards producers and do not transmit to final consumers the real value of food. Italian agriculture is really suffering right now and retailers seems to take advantage of this, asking for lower and lower prices.