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Connecting Communities : A presentation by Benita Matafska - Shared screen with speaker view
Zarine Jacob
Yay Wendy, fly the flag for Timebanking.org! I’m with the Littleport & Ely one. We do enjoy it, & are doing weekly zoom coffee meets, outdoor help, phone chats & more.
Kathryn S
Zarine - thanks for your points. I've dismissed them because is not a question directed to the speaker however I will take your points away.Zarine Jacob 01:19 PMThis is very energising and thank you for sharing, Benita. Lovely stories of hope, solutions and empowerment. I’d be grateful for connections from you and the wider community – we’re all here because we believe in community, right?! Two points:DECOLONIALISINGWe need to decolonialise our minds, come up with viable anticapitalist alternatives that work in the commons of our lives. I’m especially interested in exploring collective models ideally in Ely or nearby. Please connect me to people I can speak to. I want to give this my energy in my semi retired years (Solutions Focused Intercultural Coach) while I have the juice and time!Btw – there’s nothing on Decolonialism in Cambridge Uni Summer Festival - can the Partnership also share/promote LEARNING? Those interested in this topic please connect with me – and see my last @LinkedIn article here
Zarine Jacob
@Ben Pitt - fair point. Also see Chandran Nair’s Consumptionomics. We need to collaborate more than ever & keep the grass roots engagement strong - diverse voices. It is also about people engaging where their energy goes - housing, gardens & growing & food, economics, special interest groups - so that all aspects of our lives are working in sync.
Zarine Jacob
So agree - we must capitalise on this moment & have those difficult conversations.
Kathryn S
terryjackson 01:56 PMFor anyone with an appetite for all-night bedtime reading, there’s an online Timebanking Library at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JS6-etbJKXc0KMfeoQhjEPZWFKDwUUgq?usp=sharing… That’s sharing for you! :)
Kathryn S
Becka 01:52 PMIt feels like there is a space right now to get new and fresh business models out there.
Kathryn S
Zarine Jacob 01:57 PMagree @Becka. Seize the moment!
I have links with a company that recycles the discarded tents from festivals!
Thank you so much!
Zarine Jacob
please send use the chat keith
Brilliant - thank you. Needed this right now...
Zarine Jacob
connect with me on Linked in you change makers
Zarine Jacob
thanks, great stuff - so inspiring.
Ben Pitt
Thanks Benita, really interesting.