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Virtual Fireside Chat w/ Syd Ulvick - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsey Smith
Welcome everyone! We’re glad to have you here. Feel free to pop any questions you may have into the Zoom chat here - we’ll have time at the end for an open Q&A. Our featured mentor today is Dr. Sydney Ulvick (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sydney-ulvick-a3794213/).
Ivano Newbill
Ben stole my question.LOL
Rey Dequilla
In case Dr. Ulvick does not cover this, I would like to know as an entrepreneur, what are the biggest challenges or problems that his customers are focusing on that would still be relevant in the next 10-15 years?
Qyana M Stewart
Hello everyone, I’d like to know, from your experience, when (generally speaking) is it time to begin considering angel/venture investment? Thank you.
Ivano Newbill
What mind set will investor have after this current environment were in?
Ivano Newbill
Do you think this situation were in will produce more small business/ entreprenuers?
Ben Solomon
don't be shy folks....please ask questions!
Geoff Odlum
I've always found In-Q-Tel to be a fascinating model for bringing new and emerging technologies with intelligence or homeland security applications into the federal government in a faster and less bureaucratic way than a typical government contracts & acquisitions process. What advice would you give for a startup (perhaps a FedTech startup) interested in pitching their technology to In-Q-Tel?
Nitin Naik
I think Lockheed Martin also has a venture arm - can you please share more about it. and how it fits in the overall LM strategy
Darrel Frater
What skills would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest in acquiring over the next couple of years given the current business climate?
Remy Orain
Do you know any network of business angels or early stage investors with a good reputation (ie no "easy money")?
Remy Orain
Is it recommended that we sign NDAs with early investors?
Zak Eckel
how would you recommend someone get involved with a early stage start-up, if they want to get their feet wet or don't have their own idea to currently pursue.
Lindsey Smith
Ismail Nicolas
dc mayor’s office has great list of local incubators, including fedtech. google “dc incubators” :)
Geoff Odlum
This was really excellent, thanks FedTech and Dr. Ulvick!
Rey Dequilla
thank you for your time!
Ismail Nicolas
great session Ben!
Zak Eckel
Thank you, greatly appreciate the time!
Ivano Newbill
FedTech Family THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU… Be safe, Be healthy and Be well!