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TOGETHER Bay Area: conversation with Dr. Nooshin Razani and Dr. Curtis Chan - Shared screen with speaker view
Annie Burke
Hi everyone… here’s more about Dr Razani’s Center for Nature and Health: https://www.centerfornatureandhealth.org/
Dr. Curtis Chan
Here's an infographic about keeping 6 feet social distancing while being outdoors
Dr. Curtis Chan
Dr. Curtis Chan
The other "Curtis Chan" on the Webinar is Dr. Rohan Radhakrishna , Deputy Health Officer of Contra Costa County
Annie Burke
Attendees: what questions do you have?
Annie Burke
I’m sorry… questions in Q&A are welcome (just learning that Q&A is different than Chat :)
Grant Kern
Often it is the lowest paid public employees that are left to clean restrooms and empty garbage cans. What are the risks to those employees? Is it fair to place some of the most marginalized people in society in harms way?
Dr. Curtis Chan
Yes, we're explaining the risks to all city and county services. This is so important. We're grateful that so many city and county agencies are serving their community.Let's continue working together. We appreciate Open Space Council and UCSF to develop a regional approach during this crisis.