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ISVMA Townhall Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Debbie Lakamp, CAE
All attendees are muted.
Ray Ramirez
From what I have read RE N95 to protect staff, it is only helpful if you have a COVID + patient IN THE SAME room, so it is unnecessary.
Allen M
since Telemedicine is relatively new for us in veterinary medicine , I'm curious how practices are charging for that?
Debbie Lakamp, CAE
Please note, antitrust laws prevent us from discussing setting prices in any manner that can be considered or even appear that veterinarians are agreeing to all charge the same price for a service.
Debbie Lakamp, CAE
Copies of slides and video will be made available.
Debbie Lakamp, CAE
Dr Zollars--When the shelter in place is lifted and the essential service designations are lifted is likely when we will be able to go back to elective procedures. So, in IL that is currently May 1 but we will have to see how the governor proceeds.