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Webinar: COVID-19 and CACs - Shared screen with speaker view
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Welcome, everyone!
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You're welcome to use the chatbox, but for questions, please use the Q&A feature at the bottom and I'll make sure we get the answer to panelists as long as there's time.
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Comments here, are of course, fine, but panelists may not see questions if you enter them here.
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All, anyone experiencing audio issues on computer audio, here is the call-in information
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+1 646 876 9923Meeting ID: 246 779 549
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Hi Amy, here are a few of those activities we mentioned in our guidance:In-person trainings and outreach activitiesFundraisers and community activitiesAdministrative workTours and partner meetings
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Panelists may have more answers on activities that can be covered by telework
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Enter your question in the Q&A tool so panelists will see it
Lori Kirkhoff
Is there a recommendation by NCA on how to triage a case to determine if it’s an emergent situation needing an interview now vs. later. Something in writing to share with us.
Miriam Wolf
Lori Kirkhoff -
NCA Webinar 500
There are a lot of materials your colleagues around the country are sharing on NCA Engage...check out the discussions and library
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Someone had a question about telehealth consent forms, and lo and behold, a CAC leader in ND shared one yesterday. The Open Forum often moves faster than our small membership and comms staff can in terms of hunting down resources, and unlike the old listserv, you can see if your question has already been answered or if someone has already shared the resource you're looking for.
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Annelise, great question. Please enter it in the Q&A box and in the meantime know that we are going to be sharing telemental health resources on a dedicated COVID page on Engage today or tomorrow.
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Anita, it's going to take an entire society and an entire community. If we remind our partners of our mission, we think most of them will react in the same way your grantors have.
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Sarah, great question. Please use the Q&A tool so the panelists will see it
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Anyone seeking templates or example documents, check the NCA Engage resource library, search community posts, or post in Open Forum. Lots of your colleagues are happy to post resources they've created to help you with operations, and someone may already have!
NCA Webinar 500
Look out for our central COVID resource page coming this week on NCA Engage!