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COVID-19 Live Webinar Update with Richard Bugler - Shared screen with speaker view
Marketing AlbertGoodman
As there are 100 participants to this webinar we are introducing a couple of housekeeping rules:• We will only be enabling Richard’s microphone and video capabilities, therefor you will not be audible on the webinar and we ask you not to turn on your video capabilities as it may slow down the webinar.• We will be sending over both PowerPoint slides and some extra info during the meeting on the live chat, that you will be able to download and keep.• We welcome any questions you may have and ask that you direct them into the online chat capability, Richard will be able to see these and will endeavour to answer the questions that you have, the chat option is on the bottom menu bar when you hover your cursor over the main video screen, once clicked it will appear in the right-hand side of your window.
Claire Harding
Can we furlough a member of staff who only started on the 1st of March?
If we furlough an employee does that mean they cannot work at all, please?
Tracey Watts
Claire, there appears to be mixed information on this. The SSP entitlement is based on staff numbers at 28/2, and some are citing this as applying to the furloughing. Others say you have to have been an employee for a month. As far as I am aware, no details have been provided yet, so it remains to be seen.
Tracey Watts
That is certainly my understanding Linda, but again, lack of detail on this.
EEmma Smith
How long before you think the 80% online portal will be live? Also how would we allow this in accounts?
Tracey Watts
They expect to start making payments by the end of April - past experience with HMRC IT says this may take a while to get up and running - unless perhaps they tie it into the RTI system in some way. This will be taxable grant income, to set against the wages due to staff.
Claire Harding
Similarly, March payroll will be done before the 80% online portal is live, but furlough can take effect from the 1st March. How should we process this? I use Sage cloud payroll
Mr Miles
if I have no hours for a member of staff and they are furloughed, can they top up their income with another job, or would that stop them getting their 80%
We have several depots across the country If we furlough workers at one depot and shut site is there any help from government re rates?How long is the furlough worker scheme to last?
Tracey Watts
Hi Mr Miles - one for the HR lawyers, but if the contract prevents working for someone else, or needs your agreement, the contract term still stands, I think and so they might not be able to work elsewhere - can anyone add to this?
Tracey Watts
Hi Sally, you furlough in different depots. On rates, I understand this is dependant on the total properties in the company and empty premises relief won't apply if you still have all your equipment in there. Can any of the commercial property owners add to this perhaps? The furlough will last 3 months initially but will be reviewed and extended if necessary.
Do you think sports clubs can access the £10k grants, please?
Tracey Watts
Govt guidance has been updated on the DD cancellation and this is something you should do to avoid your payments being taken in error.
If we already have an Invoice Finance facility in place how receptive to a Business Interruption Loan Scheme application do you think the Banks will be please?
Tracey Watts
POA deferral for self employed is automatic and not clear if it will therefore be extended to all taxpayers or not yet.
Tracey Watts
Linda, we will pick your question up later.
R Bond
If you have staff whom hours vary monthly - is there 80% furlong wage based on the previous month wage or an average over 3 months for example?
Tracey Watts
Linda, we will pick up your loan question later.
EEmma Smith
Is the Furlong on their gross amount capped at £2500, or capped to £2500 after 80% has been worked out?
EEmma Smith
e.g. gross wage is £3000, do we cap it at £2500 and work out 80% of this, or £3000 = £2400 and within the £2500 cap
Tracey Watts
Emma, great question and one I've been scratching my head over - the wording is ambiguous and I would not be surprised if it was £2500 max gross, and 80% paid against that - amazing that something this important has had so little detail announced when this is the main help many of our businesses will be looking for
EEmma Smith
That's what I thought
Marketing AlbertGoodman
If anyone has any further questions, please ask on the chat now...
If you delay your vat payment will you have to pay 2 lots at the next quarter?
Stephen Hill
Any idea on what the furlough pay will be calculated upon? Last month or contracted hours or historical average?
Can directors defer tax due in July?
R Bond
If you have staff whom vary hours monthly how do you work out the furlong wage for them?
Tracey Watts
Michelle, your VAT payment will be deferred and you will have until 5/4/21 to pay - April, not Jan
Tracey Watts
R Bond, this is not yet known I'm afraid.
Apologies if this has already been addressed…. My staff are paid weekly (paid Friday for previous Monday - Sunday). They will get paid this Friday (we were open last week.) What happens beyond that? Am I right in thinking that the furlough scheme won’t be up until end of April? Will I have to fund the staff through April myself?
Alex Trenchard
Re Furloughing - will there be a need to retain staff after they have been on the scheme if the business was unable to support them out the other side?
Tracey Watts
Alexander, yes you will I'm afraid, unless you are able to agree to defer payment to staff, the Govt site refers you to the Business Interruptions Scheme in the meantime
Peter Watkins
Thanks Richard 👍
will the slides be distributed later
thanks for your help info was great
Vic Williams
Thanks guys. Totally appreciate it.
Marketing AlbertGoodman
yes they will be distributed
Thanks for the Webinar, really appreciate it