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Asheville Home Builder's Association - Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Josh Teague
Please feel free to submit questions through the chat bar throughout the presentation and we will be happy to answer them. - Josh
Megan Carroll
Do you have any questions or experience in applying for these that you'd like to share?
Capua Law
All - We apologize for the technical difficulties, our whole building just lost power. We are rebooting now if y'all would like to stay connected. Thanks!
Josh Teague
Leslie Humphrey, thank you for your question. I agree it is a difficult place to be in while we wait on these programs to be ironed out and approval. I will mention that whatever you decide, if you lay someone off, you will have until June until the end of the 8 week period to hire them back without penalty under the PPP.
Capua Law
Capua Law
Thank you to everyone for attending and participating! We will follow up this week and can provide all presentation materials as well as a recording of the presentation. For those interested, or if anyone has further questions, please direct them to info@capualaw.com. Thanks again!