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2020-05-03 - Sun - Shivti - Keriat HaTorah - Part 1a - Shared screen with speaker view
Abie Husney
1.Why is shabbat afternoon mentioned 1st if it’s to make up for M/T?(Because it was there already, he just changed how M/T is done)2.How does 1 reading make up 2 readings?3.Why isn’t Shabbat morning enough, why do I need anything to make up?4.How does Shabbat mincha make up if it’s a different reading than the previous week?It’s for the next weeks reading.It’s a preview for the next week.5.(How does Shabbat afternoon help to make up if the reason is 3 days w/o learning?)6. How do we have this rule of 3 days before we have the Torah?! And we don’t have a Torah to even read it from?!7. Why are we calling them neviim shebenehem? Strange lashon.From Rambam we see it’s referring to Moshe (kesef mishne)Moshe did Shabbat morning (diyuk in rambam; K’M) and M/T (basic option)8. What happened to a discussion about Shabbat mincha?9. What do you accomplish with Shabbat afternoon if the idea is 3 days?10. what’s lashon of barabim in Rambam? Usually we say b’asara or b’minyan
Morris B
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