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Weekly Covid 19 Update Webinar
helen carless
if we ask furloughed staff to take time off while furloughed in lieu of the bank holidays in April and May do we pay just the 20%top up or the full100%.
Tracey Watts
Hi Helen - you pay them their normal holiday pay rate, but restrict your claim to the 80% of the reference pay - so broadly, yes your nest cost is the 20% balance
Ian Gardner
running a children's nursery govt has now changed rules so that they wont pay the full 80% , do I have to make it up to 80% or just give the staff what the govt gives? if not can I reduce staff contracted hours after they have signed the 80% furlough letters govt changed criteria on 17th of April, staff signed on 30th March? if not can I lay staff off now or do I need to pay April wage then lay them off?
Tracey Watts
Hi Ian - I had a similar query about 5 mins before joining this webinar, so will take a look at this for Thursday - will also be one that will need legal input
We pay weekly and our working week for payroll starts on a Thursday and ends on a Friday, with staff being paid on a Friday. Which days do I use for the start and end dates of a claim
Tracey Watts
On the address details - you actually enter the address that the bank account is registered to - ie company's registered office or other address - it's not the bank's address
sorry, our working week ends on a Wednesday not Friday!
Tracey Watts
Mark, I would recommend that on the first submission, you put in the date the first employee was furloughed (might not be the same for all) and the end date is the pay period end - so in your example, the Friday date. You can also claim for all pay periods that end within 14 days following your claim application, so you could run yours to 8 May on the first application if you wanted to.
Tracey Watts
You get timed out after 1/2 hour of inactivity
Tracey Watts
Mark - change that to 6 May then!
Tracey Watts
Has anyone made a successful application to day?
Michelle Hellier
not tried yet !!
Yes we updated at 7.30 this morning and got all for Jones Building group approved within 15 minutes.
Mr Miles
Mine went through quite quickly once I had got onto the Website. I entered 29 employees having worked out all their figures last week. Got a reference number at the end and will now wait and see. I will let Paul Hake know of progress (he is my link with AG)Colin at Mr. miles
Tracey Watts
Best advice is to have all your details to hand, as set out in the step by step instructions released Friday. Check and double check your workings and then the actual population is relatively straightforward. It's the working out of the reference pay amount that you are taking the 80%/£2500 against that continues to be the biggest issue. Also read the calculation guidance from HMRC - there are some really good examples in there.
Melinda Gyarmati
Hi Tracey, if we furlough employee from today, the 3 week runs out in May, do we submit a claim with April payroll for 10 days and rest in May, or do we wait till May payroll or can we submit for 10 days only? no minimum 3 weeks? THanks for your answer.
Hello Tracey. Richard has been referring to your JRS Webinar on Thursday. I haven't received an invite for it and cannot see it on the AG website? please advise. thanks
Michelle Hellier
me too not seen anything regarding it yet
Tracey Watts
Well done Mark and Colin! I was very impressed as it does check info that you input - it'll stop you putting in more employees than you have on your RTI, for example - pretty impressive platform building in the time taken!
Marketing AlbertGoodman
We will be sending out an invite to the webinar tomorrow morning. You are all on our invite list.
Mr Miles
I agree, the examples were very detailed and lots of different examples. Luckily I didn't have anyone on SSP, or holiday so quite straight forward.
Marketing AlbertGoodman
Melinda, the scheme was extended to at least 30 June. You can submit your 10 days for April now, with no need for the 3 weeks to have passed yet, then submit a further claim in May.
Melinda Gyarmati
Thank you
Tracey Watts
Sorry Melinda - I sent the reply to our marketing team! You should see this now though!
Hello. Are there any extension of business rate relief into other sectors than restaurants hospitality etc please?
Thank you that was really helpful to run through the form.
Tracey Watts
Linda, I think RB has left the webinar and this is his area - have you got an AG contact if you want this following up?