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APPGCW - How local transport decisions can help during a national crisis. - Shared screen with speaker view
Robbie George (British Cycling)
A reminder to all that if you have questions for the panel to submit them here. Thanks, RG
Robbie George (British Cycling)
On questions around bikes and bike storage - a reminder the Yorkshire 2019 legacy fund, Place to Ride, runs until 2021 - https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/about/article/20190828-About-Places-to-Ride-0?c=EN
Robbie George (British Cycling)
Thank you for all the questions - we appreciate not all have been answered, however, they have been saved and will be picked up after. RG
Robbie George (British Cycling)
Lots of thanks coming in for the panel from those in attendance - thank you all