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Integrated Youth Services: Voices from the field [Part 1] - Shared screen with speaker view
Julia Armstrong
Welcome! We’re going to get started shortly but in the meantime, please feel free to introduce yourself and how you fit into the world of integrated youth services. If you’re joining us as a group, let us know how many people are tuning in with you! Please post your comment to ‘All panelists and attendees’.
Chloe Guinaudie
Hi I am Chloe, KT coordinator at ACCESS Open Minds central office!
Tara Merkley
Hello! My name is Tara and I'm a Mental Health Counsellor with the Avon Maitland District School Board, grades 7-12.
Jayde Boden
Good morning Tamara for Foundry
patricia nicol
Pat youth engagement co. lindsay public health
Julia Armstrong
Hey folks! I'm Julia and I work with the Frayme team :)
Karine Duguay-Theriault
HI! My name is Karine Duguay-Theriault and I am a manager with Intergrated Service Delivery in Moncton, NB
Jayde Boden
Hello from Foundry, Vancouver BC
Hilary Allen
Hi! I’m Hilary and I’m on Frayme’s Family Advisory
Neil Mac Dhonnagain
Hi all, Neil here from UCD/Jigsaw in Dublin, Ireland
Julia Armstrong
This webinar is the second in our series. If you missed the first one, you can access the recording, slides and a handy infographic summarizing the findings here: www.frayme.ca/news/frayme-mind-webinars. Today’s panelists will bring these findings to life by speaking to their experiences and lessons learned.
Tamir Virani
Remember to select "All panelists and Attendees" in the To: field when sending a message via the chatbox so that everyone can see your introduction :)
Alisa Simon
Hi everyone. Alisa from Kids Help Phone is joining
Laura Horodecki
Hi folks, Laura Horodecki from NorWest Youth Hub here. Happy to join you!
Julie Boucher
Hi everyone, Julie Boucher with Integrated Service Delivery in New Brunswick :)
Meghan Case
Hi all! Meghan from Filmblanc here! I’m based out of Washington, D.C. and very pleased to be included today!
Chloe Guinaudie
Julia Armstrong
We’re thrilled to see so many Frayme partners with us today! To become an official partner of Frayme (for yourself or on behalf of your organization), visit www.frayme.ca/join-network to fill out a short registration form. If you have any questions about the form, contact frayme.info@theroyal.ca.
Julia Armstrong
You can find this map on Frayme’s website at www.frayme.ca/news/mapping-iys-around-world. We’re constantly updating this map with additional organizations that are delivering IYS, so if you notice that we’re missing someone, please email Meriem (meriem.benlamri@theroyal.ca) and let her know!
Tamir Virani
To learn more about ACCESS Open Minds and their sites across Canada, visit www.accessopenminds.ca
Tamir Virani
A quick reminder to leave any questions for our speakers in the chatbox OR in the Q&A box :)
Tamir Virani
Follow ACCESS Open Minds on Twitter: @ACCESS_OM
Julia Armstrong
Choices for Youth is in St. John’s, Newfoundland and they’re online at www.choicesforyouth.ca. Check them out!
Tamir Virani
Follow Choices for Youth and Ayon on Twitter: @Choicesforyouth and @AyonShahed
Tamir Virani
Thanks Paul, we have received your question in the Q&A chatbox and will get to it at the end of the presentation!
Julia Armstrong
Check out YouthCan IMPACT’s website at www.youthcanimpact.com to learn more about their 3 sites in the GTA and www.youthubs.ca for more about Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario!
Tamir Virani
Follow Joanna on Twitter: @DrJLHenderson and #YouthCanImpact
Tamir Virani
Frayme is mapping IYS organizations around the world, check it out after the presentation (there's more than you think!) https://www.frayme.ca/news/mapping-iys-around-world
Julia Armstrong
If you have any questions for our fabulous presenters, feel free to type them in the Q&A box. I know they're itching for some #realtalk!
Julia Armstrong
We may be running out of time but we’d love to continue this conversation. If we don’t get a chance to answer your question, you can email Meriem at meriem.benlamri@theroyal.ca. You can also connect with today’s awesome panelists directly: Jess (ACCESS Open Minds - access@douglas.mcgill.ca), Joanna (YouthCan IMPACT/Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario - info@youthhubs.ca) and Ayon (Choices for Youth - ashahed@choicesforyouth.ca).
Tamir Virani
We’ll be posting a recording of this webinar on www.frayme.ca in the next few days. To receive an alert when it’s posted, subscribe to our mailing list at www.frayme.ca/newsletter!
Tamir Virani
A follow up e-mail will also be sent out to all attendees after the webinar with a link to the recording and a post-webinar survey!
Tamir Virani
Thank you Ayon!
Julia Armstrong
Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario has a great online community of practice over on EENet Connect. Register at www.eenetconnect.ca!
Tamir Virani
Thank you everyone!