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Strategies for Remote Workers - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Dolinski
feel free to send me questions
Kate Flowers
­­­­­­as a manager, daily check ins are a good idea. any other suggestions to 'check' on productivity of staff, and to check in mentally with the team?
Marshall Pickard
I turn my phone off and alerts on my computer while working on projects that require my undivided attention and no distractions. I also do not check my emails after 9:00/10:00
Marshall Pickard
My phone also stays downstairs in the evenings when I head to bed
Marshall Pickard
Also, setting a timer or alert to tell you take a break. In gets you up and moving. Set time limits fo certain projects. I check email in the morning and give myself a half hour to answer
Marshall Pickard
YES! That is great advice Adrian! Keep a schedule as you would at the office. Professionalism.