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How to Play the Stock Markets after the 30%+ Decline and 25% Rise - Shared screen with speaker view
Price Lindsey
I feel like the fed is doping up the athlete to keep them in the game. The idea is to keep the economy "playing" them wheen them off of the drugs (aka free money) when times are better. We saw when they started reducing their balance sheet the last time...the US economy started to wabble and they had to turn around and cut rates. This new doping program is much larger and puts the US economy at risk for never being able to unwind it.
Price Lindsey
it's hard to know really if/what would have happened if the Fed hadn't stepped in. The player/economy might have died on the field. That's what they'd argue.
Ashish Kaushal
“Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Catholicism without hell.”
Price Lindsey
totally :)
Price Lindsey
gold has had an interesting behaviour. Inflation...you can argue until the world ends as to whether it's a good cover. I've personally seeing a large increase in gold price holdings after a bottom (probably due to needs for liquidity). Been buying the dips in physical bullion. Though I know it's not a popular investment here. I like to keep some handy. Been better than cash
Price Lindsey
been holding it as an alternative to cash will the helicopter money drops.
Price Lindsey
*while the helicopter money drops
Price Lindsey
+1 zoom is blocked on my work computer. Hence why I always type no way to unmute via the web client which I have to use without being able to launch from the app due to these restrictions
Charlie Foster
Ashish Kaushal
“Don’t fight the Fed”