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ICT Acessibility CoP - Accessibility in PowerPoint - Shared screen with speaker view
Lyssa Prince
Darcy, are you still having trouble connecting via phone?
Lyssa Prince
Excellent! I'm sorry you had trouble.
Lyssa Prince
Stacy, the slide selection content names are useful to you in knowing what piece of content you are hiding or moving, etc. There's not a "right way" to name these.
Lyssa Prince
Cristina, yes, that is correct. The title will still be read by a screen reader if it is hidden from view.
Lyssa Prince
CC should represent what is being said rather than text on the screen. Do you have a specific example where this was an issue?
Lyssa Prince
What Rob is saying right now applies to your question, then!
Rob Carr
World Wide Web Consortium on accessible presentationshttp://bit.ly/1pHJ3LIWebAIM on accessible PowerPointhttp://bit.ly/1j2P7ryMicrosoft on accessible PowerPointhttp://bit.ly/1LX1Z3sThe Paciello Group Colour Contrast Analyserhttp://bit.ly/1ME7YE6
Brian Norton
Thanks Rob! It was great as always!