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Virtual Schooling with Your Special Ed Student - Shared screen with speaker view
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Aracely Monroy
si gracias
Reyna Galindo
Will the PowerPoint be emailed out to attendees?
Clara Garcia Autism Society Inland Empire
Yes, the power point will be be sent to you as well as this webinar
Reyna Galindo
Awesome! thank you.
Chelsea Desilva
man, great idea on the puzzle.... love the independent and built in reinforcement!!!
Clara Garcia Autism Society Inland Empire
Quick note, all questions in chat will be asked shortly, there will be a period where they will address them :)
Reyna Galindo
Thank you. Also, just a comment on the current slide...us parents might come to realize new things about our kiddos that no level of great communication with the IEP team would have given us beforehand because they can be really small things. For example, we had a big meltdown over glue a couple weeks ago before we started our spring break. Apparently he only uses glue sticks at school
Reyna Galindo
Except the key issue wasn't the glue it was that he couldn't communicate what the problem was so I had to cling to my best calm self to figure it out. It had nothing to do with the work.
Clara Garcia Autism Society Inland Empire
Beth is reading questions that were sent in beforehand :)