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Calling All Academic Senate Guided Pathways Liaisons - A Conversation with the ASCCC Guided Pathways Task Force Leadership - Shared screen with speaker view
Glenn Smith
Tim Adell
Jessica Saint-Paul
At @LASC we are continuing our GP efforts! We recently hired Guided Pathways Ambassadors. We are excited that we were able to provide orientation and training for our GP Student Ambassadors via Canvas and Zoom. We are eager to hear what type of platforms other colleges are using to actively engage students. We planned our first student MetaMajor activity one week before the Stay-at-Home order was put in place since we had our MetaMajor activities with faculty and staff.
Jessica Saint-Paul
We actually wanted to hear what type of platforms other colleges are using since we did not have an opportunity to host our student MetaMajor sorting activity.
Traci Allen
At Moorpark College this change has increased our urgency to get our maps loaded into Degreeworks into templates as default ed plans...we were going to do this in Fall but now with all services online we felt we needed to get these up ASAP for student access quicker
Stephanie Curry
We (Reedley College) are focused on re-designing orientation for Fall 2020 and adding Pathways Orientations. We are making contingency plans to make an online version of our general and pathways orientations. These pathways orientations will be lead by our Pathways success teams
Jessica Saint-Paul
Mini grants! I like that idea…Can you share more about how you were able to get these grants funded to individual faculty? Do you mind sharing your application and/or tools?
Howard Eskew
At San Diego Mesa College we are also continuing our GP efforts. We are continuing our mapping efforts. We are doing virtual "Mesa Mixers" which bring students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrator to begin discussion around how we will approach meta-majors. We are continuing work with our onboarding pieces and collaborating this with our Regional StrongForce initiatives. We have approved Student Ambassadors and are look at our current structure to determine if we might want to move to more of a project based structure.
Traci Allen
We are creating mini 1-2 minute videos to share with the campus on the progress we are doing
Gina Jamerson
Hi Ginni, I didn't raise my hand, but happy to be here! :)
Ginni May
Glad you join us!
Rhonda Nishimoto
At Mt. San Jacinto College, we were moving to incorporate Visions for Success and Pathways into our Strategic Plan. We are working to complete that virtually. Implementation was scheduled for Summer, so the website is in process with Career Coach connections, revision of the catalog with maps and employment data, Student Self Service development where they load their maps, Civitas campaign development, are all ongoing as most of this work is in the background. We continue to run our Design Teams where applicable. The crisis has escalated our move to virtual counseling and student services as well. rnishmoto@msjc.edu
Shiloh Blacksher
We have allocated funding from our GPS grant to fund mini-grants and smaller projects part of a program we are calling RISE. You can find the applications and all materials on our website: https://www.mtsac.edu/gps/ Faculty have been really excited about these initiatives!
Ginni May
Such great work going on at the colleges - it is evident that colleges and faculty are using their structures to support students moving through these changes - GP frameworks have helped us to move through the changes much more smoothly.
Tim Adell
At Victor Valley, we have started moving forward better now that we have a Dean of GP and Professional Development. That has given a person who can be a focal point for all the discrete actions. We have just put out a list of meta-majors that seems, by people's reactions, to be the basic model we'll use.
Stephanie Curry
We are hosting Coffee Tea and GP Webinars each week with a different topic on Guided Pathways we have 50-70 people attend Topics include: Pathways Months, Career Data and Asssment, Dual Enrollment and Success Teams
Yvette Butterworth
What college, Howard?
Ginni May
He is from San Diego Mesa, I believe.
Howard Eskew
San Diego Mesa College
Howard Eskew
Stephanie Curry - would like to chat with you offline about more topic ideas for Professional Development webinars. Would you be willing? Others might be interested as well.
Jessica Saint-Paul
Dan Crump
American River College---1000 Chromebooks and 500 have already been distributed. Not sure of source of funding.
Stephanie Curry
feel free to contact me at stephanie.curry@reedleycollege.edu.
Tim Adell
tim.adell@vvc.edu; Jacqueline.stalhe@vvc.edu; lorena.newsom@vvc.edu
Michelle Simotas
Is anyone moving their outreach and welcome events online?
Tim Adell
We at Victor Valley have not yet.
Howard Eskew
Our Mesa College Foundation has raised nearly $50,000 for student emergency relief efforts: chromebooks, food vouchers, supplies.
Rhonda Nishimoto
Michelle, yes we are.
Howard Eskew
Thanks Stephanie - will do.
Traci Allen
Yes at Moorpark we have moved our outreach and welcome events online
Rhonda Nishimoto
We are utilizing Canvas to deliver our FYE
Traci Allen
we are doing 2 open house type online formats with all our local high school counselors and administrators to try to hear from them what HS seniors are feeling
Howard Eskew
Rhonda Nishimoto - we are building a Canvas shell as well. What types of information are you placing in it?
Jessica Saint-Paul
Clarification, we are interested in engagement ideas for Guided Pathways not courses
Jessica Saint-Paul
For students
Yvette Butterworth
Yes, at College of San Mateo we are in the process of moving our Math/Science Jam for August to a virtual format and we are bringing our Welcome Center into the conversations. We usually coordinate with our Week of Welcome to offer the incoming students a touch point in services provided by Math and Science.
Stephanie Curry
We are planning for our General and Pathways orientations options for Zoom and use breakout rooms to provide smaller group discussions
Jessica Saint-Paul
@LASC yes AS and GP meet regularly. We are a standing agenda item
Rhonda Nishimoto
Howard, don't have the particulars yet. We have our FYE group working on it. I can contact them and get it to you.
Howard Eskew
Yes both are meeting and we do have GP as a reporting item on it at Senate. However, we have not been successful integrating the governance piece into the Academic Senate. Which has been frustrating.
Yvette Butterworth
At College of San Mateo, we are having our weekly GP meetings and the Academic Senate is meeting bi-weekly. Our GP Director is providing updates to Senate and when appropriate as a GP Steering Committee member and a Senate Rep I am provided updates as appropriate.
Howard Eskew
Rhonda Nishimoto - heskew@sdccd.edu Thanks!
Rhonda Nishimoto
Yes, we meet with Academic Senate leadership regularly and I need to leave this to get to their meeting. Academic Senate sits on the Steering Committee as well.
Jessica Saint-Paul
@LASC Our Academic Affairs GP Faculty Facilitator presents during our regularly scheduled meetings. We work very closely with our local AS. Our Academic Senate president served as one of our Tri-Chairs which may have contributed to our effective consultation process.
Rhonda Nishimoto
I am sorry, I need to leave. I hope I can get the chat later.
Ginni May
We will post it.
Matt Taylor
At Fullerton College we are all still meeting on a regular basis. Our GP Steering Committee co-chairs report to Senate twice a month.
Ginni May
Or send it to participants
Erin Wall
College of the Redwoods (I'm Math instructor and incoming Academic Senate VP). I know committees other than the Academic Senate Committee and Curriculum Committee took a break after COVID-19 remote transition. From our web page it looks like Guided Pathways will be meeting on 4/28. What I have seen is Guided Pathways has mainly given informational updates.
Traci Allen
We are still meeting monthly as a GP Steering committee and our 4 work groups are still meeting monthly
Tim Adell
Has anybody else run into the problem as liaison of having none of the authority but most of the blame?
Adrienne Brown
This was addressed in yesterday's webinar, at this tie they are taking individual requests for extensions
Jeffrey Hernandez
Great suggestion by John Stover about seeking an extension for the use of GP funds.
Melissa Bader
We have asked for support with project management. We need a good software solution and training on project management. So many of our goals are related to projects that cross so many areas of the college.
Melissa Bader
Sorry, I’m from Norco College.
Melissa Bader
I need to virtually run off to another meeting. Thank you, everyone.
James McGarrah
I need to go in order to prepare for my 1pm course.
Gina Jamerson
Thanks Ginni! Yes, we are looking forward to connecting our Guided Pathways RCs with more GP Liaisons! Collaboration is key to continue to make progress.
Howard Eskew
Need to go to prepare for class. This meeting was so valuable. Please consider doing this again! Great information!
Leslie Valmonte
Absolutely Ginni! Echoing Gina's comment.
Yvette Butterworth
All the meetings and webinars have been much appreciated. Sharing with colleagues across the state is fantastic. It is something that we usually only get at conferences. Thank you for providing this opportunity to connect!
Ginni May
Thank you, Gina and Leslie!!!
Dan Crump
hand up.
Tim Adell
I will say in a less snarky mode, the relationship is clearer with a set person in charge of GP and professional development.
Ginni May
Ok, Dan…
Tim Adell
Our senate president has been integral to this process.
Jeffrey Hernandez
That's good to hear Tim. Perhaps, the Senate President can redirect "blame" to clarify the liaison role
Tim Adell
The blame was more like scuttlebutt.
John Stover
thank you everyone
Sarah Harris
Thanks everyone!
Tim Adell
Thank you--helpful session.
Rick Mora
Thank you to all the great speakers.
Yvette Butterworth
Leslie Valmonte
Thank you everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
Tim Adell
I do want to put out a question for later consideration: how GP will relate to accreditation.