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Coffee, Capital, & COVID-19: II/III Tue, April 14 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Josh Fort
Collaboratively assembled COVID-19 resources for start-ups and small businesses:https://airtable.com/shrBcXrQ6gbIaSdwz 

Resources assembled by the Chicago Entrepreneurship Operators network: https://airtable.com/shrUvPKsgxIepnrvY
Josh Fort
The Q&A panel conversation will last for 45 minutes and will be followed by optional, informal networking in virtual breakout rooms. We invite you all to direct your questions to the panel via chat. Please submit your questions to “everyone” and we will sift through them for our panel.What questions do you have?
Hi Josh. Cliff here from (Re)FUL. What is the best way to connect with these two investors after this webinar?
Nik Rokop
This crisis is highlighting so many social inequities. Will there be a shift in focus by VCs to solve social problems? If so, why? If not, why not?
Paul Hsu
Joel Dewey
Thank you for your insight about mission critical costs, Greg. For all of you, how will companies define “mission critical”? Will social outlets be mission critical? Other quality-of-life amenities for staff?
Hi Josh. Are the companies on the panel industry agnostic? Are they open to investing in deep tech startups in addition to social media or purely software related plays.
Nate Blackburn
Questions - AI is a huge buzzword as a tool that enables different technologies, what are the hottest way that you feel AI will become even more relevant. Are there any functions that are really ripe for further AI implementation?
Nik Rokop
Insightful answer Greg, thanks!
Raul Rosas
Greg Barnes with http://hydeparkvp.com/
Raul Rosas
Samara Mejia Hernandez with https://www.chingona.ventures/
Josh Fort
Great questions, everyone. Keep them coming! To learn more about our panel and their target industries, visit their websites @Tony, Standing Oaks Venture Partners: https://standingoaksvc.comSamara, Chingona Ventures: https://www.chingona.venturesGreg, Hyde Park Venture Partners: https://hydeparkvp.com
Sutrinaitis, Tom
What strategies have you seen to validate a startup idea in this environment? especially in the food/restaurant space
Raul Rosas
What opportunities do you see as VC/investors coming out of the current crisis? (Maybe seen from previous crisis/'08/'09 and you wish you would have capitalized on?)
James M.
We were planning on launching in May and then approaching investors after building a customer base, but COVID has caused us to launch early and need to advance earlier. As a new SaaS/PaaS in healthcare, what recommendations do you have to approach investors?
Nik Rokop
Yeah Tony! Outer Limits and Black Mirror! Science fiction very often predicts the future!!
Joel Dewey
Will this cultural disruption lead to a more collaborative public-private society, or will it be a heads-down survivalist turn that we got after 9/11?
Shazia Ali
What do you think about the state of American manufacturing after COVID-19?
Ron Olson
If you are not taking 'in person' meetings, and you have not met a Founder before - How does a founder get a meeting or just your attention?
i am in the luxury health club environment and we are discussing the need that people will have for in person contact after this first wave. these types of businesses have not been in many of the conversations on financial impact and ramping back up when the shelter orders end. Have you any opinions on strategies for both large and small operators?
Our startup specializes in solutions for physical access control / smart buildings and health information systems integration. For seed investment is it necessary for the investor to specialize in this space?
Josh Fort
Great questions, all! We have a little more than 10 minutes of Q&A left. Share your questions in the chat if you have them!
Ron Olson
Thanks guys!
Melissa Hamilton
How will the VC hiring landscape change in the upcoming months? year?
Nate Blackburn
Tony, a follow up to that. how do you not share to much of your idea in that cold email and also get the attention if you are in the seed phase.
John Wallace
Great discussion all!
Bruce Eric Montgomery
Thanks So Much!
Nate Blackburn
This is excellent, thank you very much
David Silbaugh
thanks everyone!
Great information and informative