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THE TV MINDSET: Stigma in the TV industry & how to combat it - Shared screen with gallery view
Angela Murray
Thanks for sharing your story Davey. Your honesty and bravery will help others. Angela
Angela Murray
I’m so sorry to hear this Saima. I’ve been in the same place myself. Thanks for sharing your painful and all too familiar story. Take care, Angela
Tamsin Collins
Sorry to hear how common these incidences are. I personally don't know anyone who hasn't had experiences in TV like this or at least watched it happen to someone else.What has disturbed me more than anything is the feeling of powerlessness about a situation like Sauna's - not only of the individual/s experiencing it but of those looking on, other employees watching the scene play out, too scared to say anything publicly for fear of losing their jobs. Very sad & traumatic.
Angela Murray
Thanks Adeel, Saima, Sam, Davey and Sharan. This was an invaluable session. Thank you! Take care