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APPD Virtual Cafe for Fellowship Program Directors
Jennifer Kesselheim
I will be monitoring the chat. You can direct comments to everyone or just to me, whichever you prefer!
Becky Blankenburg
Holistic Review/Mitigating Bias session will be Thursday, June 18, 4-5pm ET on a Virtual Cafe
Becky Blankenburg
Session for applicants will be Wednesday, July 8, 4-5pm ET!
Rangasamy Ramanathan
When I interview applicants, i use a paper to describe what our program is like, in areas of clinical, Research, Education; then, highlight what our program offers, and what life will be for applicant for 3 years as a fellow in our program. I am thinking of sharing my screen with my scribbling. Our University has hired a audio/video serv
Debra Boyer
Rangasamy- how about putting all these facts on a website or a document that you send them in advance?
Rangasamy Ramanathan
service to record program specific highlights, typical day in the NICU, and faculty and fellows giving a brief talk about their life in our prorgam
Rangasamy Ramanathan
I may do that. All the applicants appreciated my scribbling as I am talking to them. My faculty knows about what i discuss with he applicant and they spend more time with the applicant. They often tell the applicant that I will be describing the Program Details/highlights.
Debra Boyer
There is a also apparently a blackboard feature on zoom. I haven’t used it but maybe you could do that if you want?
Rangasamy Ramanathan
That is exactly what I plan to explore with my IT! Thanks for your input
Rangasamy Ramanathan
I think, at least the Program Director or APD should write the LOR
kim hammersmith
what is the best way to get at the soft skills of the applicant? how they act in a group? who is boastful, who is humble, etc. these are the things we get from our social events and not during our faculty interviews. we have 16-18 trainees at once and being. team player is very important...
Melissa Bales
Kim, I know that our peds anesthesia group did an "open hour" where the fellows and their candidates (including some junior faculty) could gather and just talk - kind of like during a standard fellow social outing - to get an idea of the personality of the candidates. They felt it went well and got a lot of positive feedback from both the current fellows and applicants.
Seema Kumar
What are your thoughts on a single zoom session for all applicants at the same time with fellows and faculty
Rangasamy Ramanathan
My fellows rotate in 3 sites. One fellow is assigned per interview day. This fellow does tour of NICUs to the applicant/s and Lunch with applicants and other fellows who could join. No faculty for this lunch hour with the applicants, so that, current fellows can freely discuss with the applicants
Bree Bower
I'm peds anesthesia, as well, and we had everyone log on together in one session. We had 5 faculty and 5 applicants on the call together and utilized the breakout rooms. So we were also able to see how they interacted in a group, to a degree. In turn, they were able to see how our faculty interacted and get a sense of our culture.
Rangasamy Ramanathan
Group “interviews” usually don’t work well. That is just my opinion!
kim hammersmith
info or resources for behavioral interviewing would be great. thanks!
Becky Blankenburg
Would like to emphasize what Jennifer said re: behavioral interviews -- to ask about situations that they have done; most people can say great things about future events, but if you have them share a past example, it's usually a better representation of who they are and how they handle situations
Rob Ross
Can we get these slides by email afterwards? Thanks
Jennifer Kesselheim
Materials from all of the virtual cafes are posted on the APPD website.
Heather French
Thank you so very much for all this helpful info.