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OEDA Meeting with Lt. Gov. Husted - Shared screen with speaker view
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Joy Davis
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Bricker & Eckler
Thanks, Reggie. Good morning.. We'll get started shortly.
Jim Gray
This is Chris Schmenk of Bricker. Please submit your questions during this event via this Chat line. We'll then ask them to the Lt. Governor at the end of his talk, in the order they were submitted. Thanks!
Harry Eadon
The situation presents both Short-Term and Long-Term challenges. Most of the current incentives/support are oriented to short-term needs. What Business Support is the Administration considering that will impact Ohio's Businesses after we return to a new normal?
Is now an opportunity for the Third Frontier Commission to once again support med-tech innovation? Or simply financially support companies that produce, source, and distribute essential items (e.g. PPE, medical supplies, devices, etc.)?
Eddie Toncel
Good Morning. My question is on regards the Paycheck Protection Program. Lenders are very worried about potential fraud in applications. and limited means they may have now to prevent it. Can you go over how this program address the issue to reach as many owners really needing the assistance? Thank you LT Governor for the great job done in the State
Kelly Conrad
Good morning,
stimulus packages are great and needed by businesses, but will there be long term support for communities who are not collecting income tax, stretching resources, and continue to be impacted by loss of revenues.
Jennifer Price
Over the weekend, there were some news reports that a test is being developed or has been developed that will be able to tell if someone has antibodies, an hopefully immunity, and they--as well as those who were diagnosed and recovered from COVID-19-- will start going back to work earlier. Is this something Ohio is looking at?
Kelly Conrad
My statement pertains to the PPP Program as well. The lending institutions have made the applications available for their current clients only. So many businesses that use a non-SBA lender, they are not able to apply for the program.
Eddie Toncel
Will the State Government launch any initiative separately from Federal programs to address needs for Ohioans? I am specially concerning our more distressed counties that may not access to Federal initiatives.
Joy Davis
Will the State of Ohio be implementing any sister programs to those offered through the CARES Act to assist our in-state businesses? Could these potential programs be accessed through DSA, JobsOhio or local EDOs to reduce the potential for fraud?
Good Morning Lt. Governor, One of my manufacturing companies has asked the following question and has sent it to the Governor's office: "The daily press conferences have been well run, and the strategies seem to be helping contain the spread of the virus, but little has been said about the strategy to reopen businesses. Can you dedicate at least one day each week to discussing the plans to reopen all the closed businesses? Even if you can't put dates on it yet, could you at least start talking about when milestones A and B are reached, the following businesses can begin reopening, when milestone C is reached this additional businesses can open, etc." Thank you.
Sadicka Thomas White
Realistically after the PEAK ; what time frame can we see the relaxing of stay at home orders begin. Like weeks, mid May. etc
Beyond helping banks make loans, will the State of Ohio provide grants for Ohio businesses and non-profits?
Sadicka Thomas White
As soon as possible after the COVID has waned, the State should be as proactive and convene a State wide Symposium on
Paul Brehm
Many thanks to OEDA and the Lt. Governor for taking time this morning to share information.
Sadicka Thomas White
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kathy grasz
Could you share the website once again that the Lt Governor mentioned
Sarah Ross