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Campus Charcha 4 | Implementing Multidisciplinary Learning - Shared screen with speaker view
Vijay Devabhaktuni
How to bring faculty from different disciplines come together to build an "interdisciplinary academic degree program"? That too knowing faculty typically exhibit inertia to change ...
Vijay Devabhaktuni
Every student can be awarded a general Engineering Degree but with 1 or 2 or more concentrations or focus areas facilitated by this fractional credit theme
Vijay Devabhaktuni
I think that happened because we only used to ask students "What degree you want to study". We are not beginning to ask a new prospective student "What do you want to learn". This will automatically lead to new ways of building degree programs
Vijay Devabhaktuni
*we are NOW beginning to ask … "What do you want to LEARN"
Vijay Devabhaktuni
Congratulations to both of you for hosting this nice discussion