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State Level Briefing on Virginia Child Care Guidance - Shared screen with speaker view
are there any exclusion to licensing policies should emergency care be set up localities at locations that are not licensed
Virginia Early Childhood Foundation
Here is the link to access the child care guidance document: https://bit.ly/3a5Vxor
I am confused by different guidelines being given to different aged children. If I am a first responder I also need care for my Kindergartener and 2nd grader, but those schools closed. If keeping systems in place so key personnel can go to work is the biggest concern, is that being addressed for school aged children?
How are breaks to be handled in a 3, 4, or 5 year old room- we would now need to have 9 kids and 1 teacher for the bulk of the day? Normally 1 staff member rotates and does the breaks, how should it be done under the new guidelines?
10 in a 400 square foot Toddler room is very different than 10 in an 800 foot square foot PreK classroom. Can we have additional square footage guidance.
Samantha Zayas
what happens if 50% of your children are in the medical personnel
Samantha Zayas
do you exclude them
Samantha Zayas
some of the children
Can non-licensed programs that typically offer summer camp follow the same process they typically would if they desire to provide emergency care/drop services?
Susan Blalock
Will DSS notify us when the 10 in a room limit will be lifted?
Tara, please provide your e-mail address
Providers who decide to support and stay open must be supported with the necessary supplies.
Cheryl Morman
What about providers that are coming up on licensing renewals during this crucial time. Are there extensions in place if programs are closed due to this pandemic?
Is there a minimum amount of time we will be given if we are mandated to close?
I don't understand why we are trying to keep groups of children together. Speaking to Family Day homes- there are many experienced childcare professionals who have families who are not working due to sickness or closings. Having groups of emergency personnel's children exposes all of the public that all of those parents come into contact with. So now you are mixing the public in the grocery store with those at the hospital. You are also severely increasing the childcare provider's chances of getting sick and not able to be open for anyone. Many childcare providers are self employed and can not file for the expanded unemployment, despite being regulated by the state. Over all this is a disaster. We need individual care. Why isn't the state using funding to subsidize care so childcare workers can keep getting paid (instead of daycare rates for 1-2 children when we need 10+ to function), the emergency and essential work force is protected as well as the very essential childcare work force.
Ashley Picklesimer
Any guidance for handling staff with anxiety and other concerns about exposure to COVID-19? Some of my staff live with and care for elderly family members or are themselves in the high risk category. Some staff are just highly anxious about exposure. This could affect the number of staff available to provide care.
Yolanda Richey
Some programs are staying open regardless if they are serving essential personnel or not because they know they won't receive subsidy payments if they close. The fact that they won't be paid is in turn putting children and providers at risk, simply because they wouldn't be able to afford to close without payment. What do you suggest a FDH or Cemters do if they know they should be closed because they are not keeping children of essential personnel but can't afford to close because in such cases they would not get the subsidy?
Do we know, why as of noon today, only 1,923 people in Virginia have been tested for Covid 19? What is the hold up? Clearly the majority of hospitals staff personnel around the state have not been tested yet. At this stage of the spread, I find that frightening!
Jamie 's iPhone
So many providers are concerned they will be forced to close permanently. There are concerns there won’t be enough child care when families return to work. What should we tell programs that cannot stay open?
Would you recommend an informed consent for parents to sign specific to COVID-19?
I work with a program that is afraid they will not survive financially and will be unable to re-open again if they need to close for a length of time. Any thoughts on how to help minimize the loss of private private providers?
Virginia Early Childhood Foundation
I agree with Jenna, it is irresponsible to not have testing for everyone.
Why school closure to shift this risk to child care provider? Are we doing a disservice to providers. Providers are being called to fill in the gap without resources and tools. I keep hearing we are the professional but this is not healthy working conditions. It puts the professionals and their families at risk. We need to hear that you have the providers’ and their families needs will be met.
dori boggs
feeling obligated to my 20 staff persons, I want to remain open to ensure we have some revenue coming in. staff schedules are being altered due to low numbers and to maintain the group size of 10. What help is available that my employees can pursue for lost of income? If we are forced to close and forced to pay staff for time off, we will not be able to recover or continue to provide our service to our 90 children.
How are we going to hire new staff when we can’t get background checks??
Patricia Koon
Background checks are non transferable, this a good time to really create an official Sub Pool for child care providers?
Yolanda Richey
That's exactly what I was just thinking, Pat!😊
The economy is at work because child care works. Child care supports working parents and children’s health, safety, well being, and early learning. This is the reality. Our leaders have to take care of the foundation that is us. This needs to happen now not tomorrow.
Yolanda Richey
There has been much to be considered in a short period of time. & I thank you all for the efforts to consider the needs and jump in to offer assistance. Within every crisis, I also believe there is also OPPORTUNITY! My sincere thanks for all you and child care professionals are doing to help & support😊💓😊We will come through this better than we were before!
Fieldprint closed in Charlottesville last week
The field print center near me are all closed
dori boggs
FYI - my local health dept has suspended TB Screening clinics to focus on COVID-19 issues
Katie Sloan
Yes, we at Smart Beginnings Southeast are here to help in any way possible. Please let us know how we can help you provide this valuable service to your familes and their children.
Thank you all so much for all the work you are all doing. And for doing this!
Maria Isabel Ballivian
is there going to be hazard pay
How about utilizing the already background checked employees of places who have had to close? Use them for individual care and have the government pay to ease the load for centers and family day homes and limiting the spread.
Maria Isabel Ballivian
for those of us still working??
Just rec'ed some info that fieldprint continues to update us but they only had 2 locations closed Thanks
Roberta Roth
Thank you everyone!
Maria Isabel Ballivian