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After Trump's Deal: What's Next for Palestinians - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. James Marra
What can American left websites that support the Palestinian resistance do to inform their visitors about the current situation and the historical context that can help them better understand the misadventure Trump’s “peace” plan represents and how to fashion an effective activism? I am personally interested in your perspective on how American and Israeli colonialism is deeply informed by the contemporary capitalism consciousness?
Dr. James Marra
I wonder about how they way American’s think and feel about the hometown of their birth as compared to Palestinians. Americans are now quite socialized to move all over, setting up households in multiple locations for various periods of time. Perhaps one reason there remains little traction over the right to return in the US in part because of significant cultural and personal differences. Americans move around mostly to follow geographical employment advantages. Palestinians not only don’t have that privilege within the “greater” Israeli border, and further only with to return home.
Sandra Tamari
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Dr. James Marra
Yara…There is no fascism without capitalism.
Mike Levy
Thanks for this truly outstanding session!