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Business Insurance Considerations During Covid-19 - Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Valudes
Good Afternoon Attendees, a couple of things to note:
Heather Valudes
To submit a question, please use the chat feature. We will receive those and ask them out to the panelists as we move into Q&A following the remarks from the panelists.
Heather Valudes
The webinar today is being recorded and you will get a link to this after it closes to listen again or review specific sections.
Heather Valudes
No, there is no Powerpoint. We will have a reference sheet available afterwards.
Heather Valudes
This webinar does not feature any powerpoint presentation, so you will see the speaker slide and contact information throughout. We will send a reference sheet along with the link after the close of the webinar.