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YWomenVote2020 Virtual Town Hall: Registering & Mobilizing Women of Color in the 2020 Election - Shared screen with speaker view
Caitlin Lowry
Here is our YWomenVote Report: http://online.fliphtml5.com/nbye/zaei/#p=1
How can we get to those seniors in nursing facilities are able to vote. There is no mobilization to get the senior vote out?
Please also reach out to the sororities in this country and ask for their support. My sorority, Gamma Phi Delta has taken the initiative to conduct several voter registration drives.
Gina Jackson
New York Times Article on Native Women seeking the vote, mentioned by Ms. Sarah Eagle Heart, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Return to the Heart Foundation. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/31/style/19th-amendment-native-womens-suffrage.html?referringSource=articleShare
Jacqueline Johnson
It’s also important to ensure that students are able to vote, particularly those who are uncertain whether they will be on campus or home. I hope there are campus mobilization efforts.
Christine Chen
Great research, which asks about hypothetical Asian American, Black, Latina, lesbian and white women candidates of the two major political parties, comprehensively examines what it takes for a woman to prove to voters she is ready to serve in executive office.https://www.barbaraleefoundation.org/research/ready-willing-electable/https://www.barbaraleefoundation.org/research/ready-willing-electable/
Kathy McAfee
Good point Alicia. Doing research on issues and candidates that we will vote for is NOT EASY. A ballot is often confusing and issues can be positioned in odd ways. Voters should be able to get information before they cast their vote. WISH this was easier
Leslie Paluch
To answer your question, Wendy:YWCA USA - ywca.orgAPIAVote - apiavote.orgBlack Futures Lab - blackfutureslab.orgReturn to The Heart Foundation - return2heart.orgVoto Latino - votolatino.orgCenter for American Progress - americanprogress.orgJustice for Migrant Women - justice4women.orgSupermajority – supermajority.com
Kathy McAfee
What about the 1,200 voting poll locations that have been CLOSED in the last few works (mostly in areas of heavy minority populations. ) How do we combat this form of voter suppression
Mell Steven-Cosnek
voter suppression example = state of Florida denying former felons right to vote; them enforcing a new "poll tax" via payinf court fees before voting rights restored.
Kathy McAfee
How do we guard ourselves against these 50,000 Poll Watchers?
Kathy McAfee
Should voter suppression activities be consider a criminal activity?
Sarah Eagle Heart
More on Rural Women Rise! https://www.facebook.com/RuralWomenRise/
Janet Hill (CLUW) she/hers
Also some states have voter ID requirements and the DMV's are closed. How do we fix this. In addition what is your opinion that the renter and mortgage eviction moratorium are to keep people from voting
Sarah Eagle Heart
On the voting issues in Montana from the ACLU: https://www.aclu.org/news/voting-rights/this-law-makes-voting-nearly-impossible-for-native-americans-in-montana/
Janet Hill (CLUW) she/hers
Jacqueline Johnson
League of Women Voters can also help those interested in registering voters.
Mell Steven-Cosnek
YES. Florida is a poll tax. ACLU is another GREAT voting ally.
Kathy McAfee
I am deeply disturbed by the tactic to close the Census and submit a report early….knowing that not everyone has yet to be counted. This is amoral!
Kathy McAfee
Mail in VOTING is the answer.
Elisabeth Zarnoti
Well a big issue is remembering that all states are NOT equal in ensuring voting early/voting by mail policies. That in and of itself is suppression
Kathy McAfee
Good point, Elisabeth. The state of Georgia where my parents live is particularly active in voter suppression tactics
Elisabeth Zarnoti
I've got a friend in NC who couldn't vote in the primary this year and I live in MN where I had no problem voting ever. I blindly dismissed her reason of not being able to vote b/c she had to work all day that the polls were open, and she had to remind me that NC is not like MN for accessibility.
Audrey Felter
The opposition is on both sides. It's left and right, unfortunately. So it's important that we don't forget that the wealth of this country was built by Black American Slave and their Descendants You can't be a solution to the problem without this acknowledgment.
Bridget Tarrant
I moved to NC from IL.. NC's voting laws are pretty crummy (for lack of a better word)
Marlene Barney
NC’s poll hours on Super Tuesday were 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. We had a two-week early voting period during which you could register to vote and then vote. We also have no-excuse absentee voting.
Leslie Paluch
In response to your request Sharon, video accessible here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rol9g1zjp7g&feature=youtu.be
Audrey Felter
@Alicia Garza, you can't hold back when speaking up for slaves descendants. As you can hear, the other panelist are NOT holding back from their SPECIFIC support for THEIR groups. Don't let them overshadow your inheritance built by slave descendants.
WaTasha Barnes Griffin
Indiana (Muncie, Indiana) is not equal in ensuring voting early/voting by mail policies. Voter suppression tactics at work.
Audrey Felter
@Alica Garza, Black Americans cannot be the host that everyone feeds on. Use your voice. Focus.
Christine Chen
Apply to be a partner https://www.voteearlyday.org/ and https://nationalvoterregistrationday.org/
Audrey Felter
@Alicia Garza Love you, SIS!! I have to go back to work.
Karen Bankston
Thank you Shilpa for sharing about the anti Blackness in your culture. Unfortunately, that exists in some of the other communities as well. As a Black woman, I know that I have to be clear that I may not find anyone that I can collaborate with.
Kathy McAfee
Reimagine America - sounds like a positive campaign slogan
Kerry Perretta
Grateful to all: we are inspired more than ever to Activism. (Appreciate seeing Alicia 5 years after her initial visit to Unv). Thanks to organizers/ panelists/ participants from PrincetonNJ: Teamwork/Success
Gina Jackson
To learn more about supporting Native Women and the work of the Return to the Heart Foundation, you can find us at return2heart.org.If you’d like support Native Women Rock the Vote, here’s the link. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/nativewomxnrtv
Kathy McAfee
WE LOVE YOU and thank you for your fearless leadership!!!
Mell Steven-Cosnek
THANK YOU, a group of espert, empowered women!
Caitlin Lowry
Please register to vote! And encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to register! https://www.whenweallvote.org/ywca/
Gina Jackson
Awesome session! A BIG Thank YOU!
Liz Shaw
Thank you to everyone for the conversation!
Caitlin Lowry
Then, take our pledge to vote: https://ywca.quorum.us/campaign/27931/
Marlene Barney
Thank you all. Proud of our wonderful panelists. Carry on! Be audacious!
Elisabeth Zarnoti
This was a great, informative panel. Thank you to the panelists for telling us your wisdom
Caitlin Lowry
If you'd like more information on our YWomenVote report, including spotlights on different communities, check out https://ywomenvote.org/
Catherine Beane
Cory -- all of the data from those slides is in the report that Caitlin is referencing
Catherine Beane
we've got a "spotlight" on each women of color group that you can download -- the data in the slides is from those spotlight documents
Catherine Beane
Catherine Beane
the slides come from "YWomenVote2020" -- which is available at https://ywomenvote.org
Doris Steppe
Thank you for doing this!!!!
Marlene Barney
YWCA rocks!
Sundeep Narwani
Thanks so much ! Very informative
Kangelon Dexter
I so appreciate this panel discussion!! #WhenWeAllVote!! #YWomenVote!!