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Discussion on Funder Collaboration for COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellie Bergthold
Jodi Ravel
Barbara Clifton Zarate
Anne Wilson
Susan R. Clark
Governor Newsom, on his Tipping Point call, appeared to ask for coordination above all else. I took that to mean that the state could identify highest needs and have a philanthropic coordinating unit to which such requests could be sent. Will Philanthropy CA play this role and how will these highest priority needs be communicated to members?
Kimberly Canfield
Ellie Bergthold
could you share your spreadsheet with details?
Alan Kwok- NCG
Hi Susan: Yes, Philanthropy California - an alliance of Northern California, Southern California, and San Diego Grantmakers - is working very closely with the Governor's Office - Office of Social Innovation/Philanthropy, CalOES, and the Office of Small Business to ensure coordination and alignment. Philanthropy California has been working with the Governor's Office from Day 1 on this public health crisis and we continue to share how philanthropy can support and complement state efforts. As we hear needs from the Governor's Office, we will share this with our members and the broader philanthropic sector. Please check out our websitehttps://www.philanthropyca.org/covid-19-response Thank you!
Jessica Garcia-Kohl
I hear few funders discussing the impact of Covid-19 on rural areas. I welcome input from anyone who can speak to this. While the Covid-19!numbers lag there, they face unique challenges worth anticipating and addressing.
Mona Masri
We are hearing that in some places COVID 19 is being used to racially profile individuals as they get into their places of business. Are you hearing this as well?
I have a question
Ariana Diaz De Leon
As we know, people who are undocumented will have no federal stimulus check or access to EDD. Can we talk about any options available to this population?
Khanh Russo
With unemployment filings at over 3 million, what resources are available to help people sign up for Affordable Care Act?
Jackie Downing
Can you share the list?
Susan R. Clark
How much $ are they granting?
Jackie Downing
Did you earmark grants to the national orgs for California only?
Jose Corona
Has anyone been tracking where the $$ from philanthropy has actually gone to, by issue areas?
Laura Seaman, League of CA Community Foundations
Jose - Candid is working on this, though not by issue area that I can tell: https://candid.org/explore-issues/coronavirus. The League of CA Community Foundations is also starting to track this among our 30 member foundations.
Alan Kwok- NCG
Hi Jose: Nationally, Candid is collecting information on philanthropic activities around COVID-19: https://candid.org/explore-issues/coronavirus Statewide: Philanthropy CA (including Northern California Grantmakers) is collecting information from our members and will share them as much as we are able.
Alan Kwok- NCG
And of course, the league! :)
Jose Corona
Thanks, Laura and Alan!
Crispin Delgado
New RFP: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MdiE2l49ZKzSk9lda1iJIWmKX77ymOU83vdkla-jNZs/edit
Mona Masri
I understand that funders needed to get money out the door ASAP, but from a D,E,I perspective, is there any way to track the populations who have or will be served by those dollars, or did any funders earmark dollars to particular populations? Or were dollars largely general operating grants? I’m concerned that we are missing an opportunity.
Ariana Diaz De Leon
Thank you, Melissa and Carolyn!
Jodi Ravel
Are there any recommendations for how/where to fund/support first responders - particularly in terms of their health, personal lives, families, mental health etc.? We're looking for how to fund across the state, so overarching associations?
claire solot
GCIR is a great resource to learn more about funding undocumented people
Alan Kwok- NCG
Hi Jodi: Great question. I am not aware of it but will check with our peers in SoCal and with the Governor's Office this afternoon.
Padmini Parthasarathy
There are funds being created for undocumented people in Oakland and SF. The Oakland fund is live: https://www.centrolegal.org/our-fund/. SF is still in progress.
Padmini Parthasarathy
Also, the funds for restaurant workers (ROC United), tipped and sub-minimum wage workers (One Fair Wage) and care workers (National Domestic Workers Alliance/Caring Across Generations) arenl available to undocumented workers.
Crispin Delgado
More info about the RFP I shared about: Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) – is now inviting proposals from community-based non-profit organizations. In light of the implementation of the public charge regulations and current public health crisis, the PIF Campaign seeks applications that would build capacity to mitigate harm and empower immigrant communities to fight fear with facts.
Cassie Gruenstein
translation services: tarjimly and translators without borders can also help
Cassie Gruenstein
tarjimly has access to multi lingual translators on call via smart phones and the founders are ready to support the community
will you send an email reminder about the may 7th mental health call?
Victoria Nichols
Thank you!