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DMF Talks - Our Lagoon: How Much is it Worth? - Shared screen with speaker view
Dwight Worden
What are the benefits to west coast areas that don't get hurricanes?
Janelle Fine
The component that the "right" side of the storm causes the most property damage, is this only valid for storms that are hitting land from the south (e.g. Harvey) because the storms rotate counterclockwise?
Dwight Worden
Do you have any data on the cost of wetland acquisition and/or restoration versus the increase in damage from loss of wetlands? Can the case be made that restoration and preservation pays for itself?
Julie Maxey-Allison
Is the west coast at risk for cyclones in the future with climate change?
Dwight Worden
Do the wetlands themselves suffer damage in large storm events? Is there a recovery time? Would back to back storms have more impact?