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APPD Virtual Cafe for APPD Members - Shared screen with speaker view
Becky Blankenburg
Advancing Inclusiveness in Medical Education (AIMS, sponsored by APPD)* For UIM PGY2 residents interested in medical education* Attend the Spring APPD Conference* Year-long mentorship/leadership programNew Century Scholars (NCS, sponsored by APA, APS, ABP)* For UIM PGY2 residents interested in academic medicine* Attend the PAS Conference 2 years in a row* Year-long mentorship/leadership programFrontiers in Science (FIS, sponsored by AMSPDC)* For UIM PGY2 residents interested in research careers* Attend the AMSPDC Conference (Feb/March)
Ed Zalneraitis
What is your institution?
Ross Myers
Ross Myers
Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital
Ross Myers
Sorry...I thought you said "where"
Becky Blankenburg
Dr. Courtney Gilliam is the PHM Fellow at Seattle Children's
Ed Zalneraitis
Thank you
Ross Myers
Sorry..I thought that was a private message :)
Ross Myers
Too much zoom for me today
Matt Kapklein
Is this curriculum publicly available?
Mollie Grow
Our UW/Seattle Children’s curriculum that Dr. Gilliam is describing is not yet available publicly, though we can share more about the overarching components in the discussion when she finishes.
Sarah Hilgenberg
are you able to share what you are using for cultural humility training specifically, Mollie and Courtney? ie wondering if you adapted someone else’s or built your own. and if you can’t share yet, looking forward to seeing it when you can
Sarah Hilgenberg
I am also interested to hear when you hold these sessions (debriefs, facilitated small group discussions) - during some noon conferences? as part of rotations? morning reports? outside of work (evenings, etc)?
Michelle Brooks
Such rich info- thank you!!!
Ross Myers
Excellent...thank you!
Kenya McNeal-Trice
Outstanding presentation
Whitney Okoroafor
Thank you for sharing. Such great info!
Megan Aylor
thank you so much!
Emma Omoruyi
Fantastic presentation. Who is leading these debriefs? I feel at some places it falls on the same interested faculty (and that's exhausting)
mike weisgerber
fantastic! thank you
Mollie Grow
Our cultural humility training was developed locally by our faculty.
Sarah McBride
Such meaningful points. This is so helpful!
Whitney Okoroafor
Was there specific facilitator training for these debriefs? Particularly the debriefs around micro aggressions?
Monica Sifuentes
Absolutely outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, experience and solutions 😊
Meg McNamara
Courtney—would you please offer any suggestions you have for how to navigate the dilemma of how to pair residents of color with UIM faculty as mentors when there is such a problem of “minority tax” on those limited number of UIM faculty already? Big answer is make sure we make the faculty more diverse but that pipeline is taking a while to grow.
Mollie Grow
To Sarah’s earlier questions, most of the debrief sessions have been offered in the evenings (and tremendous gratitude to Dr. Gilliam who has offered most of them) to allow for more participation, though acknowledging that it is also helpful to have options during the day.
Caren Gellin
In Rochester, we utilize a Black EAP rep, who has been extremely well received by our BIPOC residents so that may be an area to explore as well.
Caren Gellin
...for debriefs
Christine Cheston
we are coming up against challenges at our institutions for getting buy in for a separate anonymous reporting system for racism and bias - the feeling is that HR / compliance / ombuds people are supposed to be the avenues for such events… but clearly these resources don’t work for our trainees and don’t allow for the support and protection of trainees we want to ensure for them. thoughts on changing that mindset?
Ed Zalneraitis
I as able to get $6000 for our DEI Committee
Ed Zalneraitis
Thank you, I'm on it
Candace Smith King
This is a good year to move money from your recruitment budget into your DE&I budget
Sarah Hilgenberg
this resource is not specific to addressing anti-racism however i have found it helpful when thinking about debriefs. Written by our pediatric colleagues and current and former program leadership members!: Amanda Osta et al, Implementing Emotional Debriefing in Pediatric Clinical Education.
Whitney Okoroafor
Thank you Sarah
Jamie Pinto
Amazing talk Dr. Gilliam; thank-you so much!
Becky Blankenburg
At the APPD Board level, we are having conversations with the CEO of the Children's Hospital Association re: what can be done to address microaggressions in the clinical setting, and how we can address disparities and inequities in care (inadequate interpreter use, number of times security and CPS are called on people of color vs. white families) in children's hospitals across the US. also looking to work with AAP and others on these issues, recognizing that many training programs are not in a children's hospital.
Sarah Hilgenberg
one invited commentary i have also found useful as we continue to build out our anti-racism efforts includes a helpful script for trainees when encountering racist patients: Drs. Corey Williams and Robert Rohrbaugh entitled Confronting Racial Violence: Resident, Unit, and Institutional Responses.
Sarah Hilgenberg
please note that the article i just shared contains a racial slur one of the authors encountered in patient care
Emily Carter
Dr. Gilliam thank you for sharing this with our community. Excited to hear more about this program over time!
Candace Smith King
Can you share the survey Becky?
Caren Gellin
Thank you Dr. Gilliam for sharing your experience and expertise with us. We value you!
Sarah Golub
Thanks for a wonderful talk!
Leslie Breton
Thank you! What a wonderful talk, Dr. Gilliam.
Marie Clark
Thank you so much - this was wonderful!
Megan Aylor
thank you so much, Dr. Gilliam
Sarah Hilgenberg
Thank you Dr. Gilliam!
Tyler Smith
Wonderful talk and thank you Dr. Gilliam!