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NCAPA COVID-19 Community Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Christine Chen
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Kathy Ko Chin
It's so wonderful to see so many friends and colleagues and everyone's beautiful AA NHPI faces on this Zoom screen! Fills my heart.
Bobby Dalton Roy
There are three hate reporting websites? What are they?
Kathy Ko Chin
Kathy Ko Chin
Kathy Ko Chin
OCA National Center
OCA’s hate reporting site is: www.aapihatecrimes.org
Kathy Ko Chin
Kathy Ko Chin
5 sites
Bobby Dalton Roy
Ah, I did not know about the SAALT one. Thank you!
Christine Chen
Elena Ong
So grateful for this call, and that you are safe and well, providing AAPI leadership re: COVID 19, turning this crisis into an opportunity to create a more fair and equitable health system, and society. My question has to do with how the CARES Act and subsequent bills will improve the lives of AAPIs and other communities of color.
What are the best ways to report this outside of the Facebook group I’ve seen, Crimes Against Asians or the media (via Asian American Journalists Association - AAJA Media Watch) that we can direct people to? Is there one Facebook group we can direct people? I’m getting a lot of reports in the Bay Area and am having trouble following as I know there’s a lot — the Crimes Against Asians FB group has almost 24K people, and I’m having trouble when I post anything trying to figure out with the moderators how to make this much clearer what to do (rather than looking at anti-immigrant/anti-Asian/xenophobic content), but actual physical assault/crimes? https://www.facebook.com/groups/crimesagainstasians/
@Kathy Ko Chin: any good sites for Facebook or even direct email address?
Young Jung
Kathy Ko Chin
See some of the trackers and websites earlier in the Chat.
Or does is this most appropriate for the many organizations as a general intake form? https://www.standagainsthatred.org/report
Christine Chen
Perhaps on those FB groups we can compile the 3 websites to capture the data. The groups are coordinating to collectively report the data but we need people to report officially.
Christine Chen
That would be a great idea, thanks Christine. I’m just hoping I can help flag for Bay Area and FilipinX Americans in STEAM (FASTER), the non-profit I founded, which also has a coalition students, alumni, entrepreneurs, investors, and in particular, Employee Resource Group leaders at tech companies that are a part of the broader Asian American Pacific Islander tech company Employee Resource Groups, and we see this both in tech and outside of it as well, lots of xenophobic/anti-Asian/anti-immigrant rhetoric or behavior everywhere, but in the most pressing ones, any actual hate crime (physical violence) I want to be able to direct people more easily. Thanks for all the work everyone here is doing, we all sincerely appreciate it.
Christine Chen
We understand that community members have varying comfort level and feel better reporting to someone locally. Hence the need for coordination. NCAPA can work with you on getting a graphic and the websites. We can make sure on the back end we coordinate.
Argo Translation has translated COVD-19 information into some AAPI languages: https://www.argotrans.com/covid-19/
L Akutagawa
@Bobby Dalton Roy http://www.asianpacificpolicyandplanningcouncil.org/stop-aapi-hate/
Eric’s iPad
How to get Asians, especially non English speaking ones, to report these crimes? So many Asians just accept and endure this type of discrimination/attacks....how do we change the behavior of Asians?
Yang Chen
With all these disparate places to report incidents and hate crimes, who is consolidating the data?
Some common talking points of how to deal, how to report, who to report the hate crimes would be very helpful.
L Akutagawa
@erinjerri the http://www.asianpacificpolicyandplanningcouncil.org/stop-aapi-hate/ website is taking in reports in multiple languages has received over 1,000 reports already. A report breaking down the data received up to a week ago is also available on their site.
John C Yang
One small piece is that both https://www.asianpacificpolicyandplanningcouncil.org/stop-aapi-hate/ and https://www.standaganisthatred.org both allow for reporting in multiple languages. A3pcON, CAA, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, SALT, and OCA are all working together to consolidate data. s
Juliet K Choi
APIA Health Forum’s crowd sourced Community Library of in-language resources on COVID-19 is available at http://bit.ly/ AANHPI-COVID19-Resources
Thanks, Christine. I will also help contact Asian Hustle Network (another 25K fb group) mostly entrepreneurs about that that have mainly flagged things for masks/supplies, and support for AAPI businesses. Other groups, like Subtle Asian Traits (about 1.7M people on Facebook) might also need some help/direction (they get so much more inbound I’m seeing and have issues moderating and I think even directing people). Sometimes there are many large groups that may be unattached to other formally organized non-profits and other ethnic-based/pan-Asian American groups that have a lot of messaging ability, but may lack some clear direction so will be happy to work with you and connecting any folks.
Kathy Ko Chin
APIAHF Community Crowdsourced Library of COVID-19 ResourcesWe’ve compiled a crowd-sourced collection of AA and NHPI in-language COVID-19 resources. Please share widely! http://bit.ly/AANHPI-COVID19-ResourcesIf you’ve come across or are creating any additional in-language resources, please share them here, and we’ll add them to the collection for you: http://bit.ly/ShareCOVID-19Resources.
John C Yang
Each of our individual websites have talking points on how to report, and how to deal with hate incidents. We are encouraging people to report to any of our web sites,. We will make sure it is unified on the back end. All of us will be rolling out additional pieces (e.g., bystander intervention tips) in the near future. Of course, reporting to responsive local authorities is important as well if individuals are comfortable doing so. The point is that we are encouraging people to report in whatever manner they feel comfortable.
Christine Chen
Census Resources: my2020census.gov, Translated materials are at www.countusin2020.org and apiavote.org/census2020 Choose the appropriate language
John C Yang
If you have questions on Census 2020, you can call 844-2020-API. The hotline is staffed in 8 Asian languages as well.
Erin Yoshimura
Thank you for creating the space for us to get together! A handful of us (AAPIs) in Denver met with Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Denver's yesterday and Denver Police Lieutenant leading the Bias Motivated Crime division. The Mayor posted this message last night: https://www.facebook.com/5280mayor/videos/261934398154740/
Sina Uipi
NCAPA's letter to Congress: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/ncapa/pages/89/attachments/original/1583935643/NCAPA_Letter_to_House_Leadership.pdf?1583935643
I am honored to be a part of this meeting with such remarkable leaders. Count on Your Census is an Asian Americans Advancing Justice podcast about ALL THINGS Census 2020. Please share with your networks so that we do all we can to ensure that we are all counted, have a voice, are seen and heard.
Juliet K Choi
(Reposting with complete bit.ly address) APIA Health Forum’s crowd sourced Community Library of in-language resources on COVID-19 available at http://bit.ly/AANHPI-COVID19-Resources
Daphne Kwok
Thank you, Congressman Lieu for raising the frauds/scams around COVID19. AARP Fraud Watch Network is a great resource to learn about the latest frauds/scams. Please sign up for the watchdog alerts, review a scam-tracking map, or call our toll-free fraud helpline at 877-908-3360. Go to www.aarp.org for our Fraud Watch Network.
Juliet K Choi
Civil rights and racial justice organizations denounce discrimination against Asian Americans and urge unity (March 17)https://www.apiahf.org/press-release/civil-rights-and-racial-justice-organizations-denounce-discrimination-against-asian-americans-and-urge-unity-in-responding-to-coronavirus-pandemic/
AAJA - Naomi Tacuyan Underwood
Kathy Ko Chin
Thank you Naomi and AAJA for your leadership!
AAJA - Naomi Tacuyan Underwood
AAJA guidance to newsrooms and journalists ^
AAJA - Naomi Tacuyan Underwood
Eric’s iPad
Would be helpful to get a list of ways we as individuals can help/support these organizations and their efforts to address this discrimations
AAJA - Naomi Tacuyan Underwood
Joint statement denouncing Anti-Asian racism ^
Christopher Ho
Here is an FAQ in Chinese about workers’ rights during the pandemic:
Christopher Ho
Daphne Kwok
At AARP we are also putting out resources info. at www.aarp.org/coronavirus. There is a weekly national call at 1 pm EST on coronavirus. Past sessions have focused on the fraud/scam, caregiving. We also are translating information into Asian languages including articles by Dr. Erwin Tan, Director of Thought Leadership for Health for AARP. He has 3 blogs right now that have been translated on how to prepare for your loved ones/older adults, social isolation/loneliness, and one just posted yesterday on mental health. We are posting on APIAHF resource page as well. If you are interested in receiving more info., please contact Daphne Kwok at AARP at dkwok@aarp.org
Kathy Ko Chin
@Eric's iPad we should be able to get all of these resources listed and sent out to those who RSVPd. Thanks for your interest and engagement.
Melody Zhang - Sojourners
That would be so helpful. Thanks Kathy. Would love to distribute to our list.
Elena Ong
Thank you Senator Harris for your leadership re: advocating for racial disaggregation of COVID 19 data so we can better care for our communities, thanks also for the shout out re: LA County's 211 resource. I've been working on a Covidnomics report on two of the most impacted communities - workers in hospitality and in the retail sector who are at great risk for unemployment in LA County. We'll be working on another re: who might not receive .a stimulus rebate - folks who use TINs instead of SS#s - many of who may be undocumented. What are solution for ensuring that undocumented persons - many of who are AAPI - have access to resources during the COVID crisis?
Christopher Ho
Sorry, here are better links to our FAQ (both Chinese and English:
Christopher Ho
Kathy Ko Chin
Thank you @Daphne for sharing widely our APIAHF Community Crowdsourced Library of 29 AAPI in-language materials. Everyone, please look at those resources, use and share!
Vivian Chang, APALA
Please join NCAPA and other AAPI organizations for the Census Day of Action Virtual Rally tomorrow! On the agenda will be discussion about how we need to get our communities counted & represented in the face of anti-Asian discrimination. RSVP at bit.ly/aapi2020virtualrally
Christopher Ho
Are there resources that inform how we can protect and defend ourselves from hate crimes despite reporting?
Yang Chen
This chat is rich with good resources. Can they be collected and shared with the group?
Kathy Ko Chin
www.StandAgainstHatred.org has a great Bystander Toolkit for all of us to support victims.
Oh great thanks!
Kathy Ko Chin
@YangChen, yes, we'll collect the resources and send out to everyone.
Bobby Dalton Roy
I love the tri-caucus solidarity!
Marina Bhargava
we've been talking to our local ADL in Austin too
Agnes Braga
Can information about small business loans to help small businesses keep paying their employees and unemployment insurance be included in the resources?
Hi all - thank you for organizing such a fantastic event! I wanted to share a blog post we at Justice in Aging authored last week about the need for a COVID-19 response that is grounded in equity for older adults, particularly AAPI seniors. The blog post is available here: https://www.justiceinaging.org/life-at-the-intersection-older-adults-need-a-response-to-covid-19-grounded-in-equity/ (alternative Medium link: https://medium.com/@dchan_2288/life-at-the-intersection-older-adults-need-a-response-to-covid-19-grounded-in-equity-2b45cfac4721). Looking forward to working with you all to make sure that our older adults are prioritized during this pandemic. Thanks!
If you didn’t file your taxes last year, are you still qualified for the stimulus check?
John C Yang
https://www.standagainsthatred.org/resources is our resources page for bystanders, victims, etc. Our sister organizations at A3PCON/CAA, SAALT, and OCA also have resources. We're all in it together and moving in real time to coordinate/help our community.
Bobby Dalton Roy
ca n
Bobby Dalton Roy
Can we pivot from calling it social distancing to practicing both physical distancing and social solidarity?
Vimala Phongsavanh
The Progressive Caucus Action Fund has released an updated of the CARES Act (passed on Friday) with the original Senate Republican bill (S. 3548) and the Taking Responsibility for Workers and Families Act (H.R. 6379) in the House. You can view the document here: https://progressivecaucusactionfund.org/s/Final-bill-v-House-D-bill.pdf. We hope this is helpful as you evaluate the third coronavirus package and continue working on the fourth.
Bobby Dalton Roy
This pivot is based on this article by healing activist Kevin John Fong: https://www.yesmagazine.org/opinion/2020/03/18/coronavirus-hiv-aids-epidemic/
Kathy Ko Chin
@BobbyDaltonRoy, I love Kevin John Fong! Literally, as a dear friend!
Melody Zhang - Sojourners
The Asian American Feminist Collective has a fantastic zine, 'Care in the time of Coronavirus', for how AAPI can practice community care in the face of racism - great resource particularly accessible to the younger generation. https://www.asianamfeminism.org/resources
Paul Chang
Any thoughts about Emergency universal insurance coverage should be for everyone in the country? https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/17-year-old-dies-coronavirus-California-Lancaster-15161761.php
Elena Ong
Great point. Like Ireland!
Any other questions I have would be about 1) battling fake news about vaccines and drugs (many FilipinX and Asian Americans work in biotech) and I see lots of fake news or misinformation being spread about this as well (vaccine vs. therapeutics) and what else President Trump has been saying. Does anyone want to comment on how we disseminate fact-based information regarding treatment vs. a cure?
Bobby Dalton Roy
@Kathy Ko Chin, I had the privilege to be trained by him on conducting the Second Circle Healing Circles with our community in Sacramento after the murder of Stephon Clark. He is unbelievable!
Kathy Ko Chin
Great idea @PaulChang (hi!). Here's APIAHF's position on Universal Coverage for all, particularly all residents regardless of immigration status, including our COFA brothers and sisters.
Kathy Ko Chin
PhuongThao Le
Thanks so much for this! I'm a public health researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I'd be interested in contributing to efforts to examining and addressing the mental health effects of COVID-19 among AAPIs in general, and of the hate crimes and xenophobia in particular. If there isn't one already maybe we can create a working group?
Daphne Kwok
Congrats to NCAPA - Gregg and the NCAPA leadership for hosting this Forum....was excellent and informative and truly epitomizes the role that NCAPA was set up to do...so critical that we as AAPIs pull together, speak with one voice, move together as a community. Everyone able to bring to the table their expertise, their talents, their resources to collectively move our community during these difficult times. And a special kudos to the CAPAC members - I'm so proud that we now have tremendous leadership on Capitol Hill!!!! So proud of how far we have come as a community - but so critical that we continue to work together as one unit - an NCAPA is a vehicle for us to do so.
2) Any other thoughts on battling fake news on social media? I had it all over Facebook among my family convincing them that even tech companies weren’t shutting down (lots of fake news about that as well spread across all Facebook family of apps). Hope someone can address offline sometime. My email is erin@faster-steam.org if folks want to continue the conversation.
Kathy Ko Chin
@Phuong there is a newly formed NCAPA COVID19 Task Force, where we will centralize all 35 member org work for COVID19 AAPI response.
PhuongThao Le
@Kathy: Great. Please let me know how I can help: pt@ptle.org
John C Yang
Thanks everyone. Stay safe and healthy!
National ACE - Daniel
@ericafu If you have already filed your 2019 tax return, the IRS will use that information. Otherwise, they will use the AGI from your 2018 tax return.
Kathy Ko Chin
Thank you NCAPA for hosting this! Such a great opportunity for 300 of us from across the country to be together.
Thanks for your leadership and great information sharing all :).
Linda Bosma
Thank you!!
Melody Zhang - Sojourners
Thank you so much for hosting! I learned a lot. It was great to be together and share resources.