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Census Outreach RFP for 2nd Cohort of IL Count Me In 2020: Chicago Count Me In 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Forefront Staff
Hello everyone. We are having technically difficulties
Shikha Sharma
Yes, there is no audio on phone or web. :)
Forefront Staff
Hello everyone. Apologies for the technical difficulties
Forefront Staff
Give us one moment
Ayat Abu-Dyab
add me to your email list if you don't mind (ayat.majed.abu-dyab@2020census.gov)
Elsa Lopez
Are there any requirements/qualifications you look for in an organization to approve grants? Other than what you have already mentioned.
Mark Allen
Is there a grassroots digital media budget that reaches disconnected constituencies?
Yoselyn Ovalle
Hello Juliet, yes the portal Zoe demonstrated is the application.
Yoselyn Ovalle
Hello Kisia, no it does not negatively impact if you are a small org and not partner with another org. Also, if you are a church, you will need a fiscal sponsor to apply for funding.
Yoselyn Ovalle
Hello Marilu, yes you are still eligible to apply. For this funding, we are prioritizing orgs with budgets $1 million or less
Yoselyn Ovalle
As for reporting, we will ask grantees for a final narrative and a financial report. We will provide more details on the reporting if orgs are selected in the Chicago Count Me In 2020 cohort
Angela Accurso
Are organizations that have received other Census funding eligible for the city opportunity?
Mark Allen
I would to help set up even more interviews that you guys could do from those who were not connected to a forum like this today, BUT need to be educated !
Mark Allen
PLEASE do not discount the importance of investing grassroots media outreach because far too many don't even know WHY they should even respond to a Census taker !
Mark Allen
Thank you from National Black Wall Street Chicago NFP and know1radio. God bless