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The New Normal: Long-Haul Health and Safety Guidance for CACs - Shared screen with speaker view
Teresa Huizar
We'll get started in just a minute.
Teresa Huizar
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Mark Hudson
Teresa- do you want us to type any answers as they come up?
Carole Swiecicki
Headspace and Calm are two good ones doing free trials but there are lots of others as well! Breathe2Relax is another that is a great one for deep breathing as well.
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People who have been to a hot spot are generally supposed to self quarantine for 2 weeks upon returning from the hot spot. They should reach out to their doctor or local health unit to discuss the utility of testing
We will all have to stay tuned to the CDC for recommendations about screening and testing when we get into cold and flu season. It is a big worry when RSV, flu and covid will be occurring at the same time in the fall and winter.
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Jenny Mathews
There are centers in CA that are using the tele-forensic interview also and then both child and interviewer do not need a mask as they’re each in a room by themselves.
Robin Grove
Jenny Mathews - we are having a struggle with MDT partners to use Tele FI's - could you share information you used to advocate for this method?
Jenny Mathews
Our center is not doing the tele-interviews but I know others throughout the state who are- my understanding is that they have worked closely with their MDT partners in the development of their protocols around the tele-interview so that they got buy in from the beginning
Jenny Mathews
If you want to email me I can connect you to those centers- jenny.mathew@strengthunited.org
Robin Grove
Thank you Jenny...I will :)
Jenny Mathews
I also know that these centers are all in areas that have had high incidence of COVID so I think that helped them get buy in, I would imagine it might be more challenging in areas that have had lower number of cases
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Jenny Mathews
Oops, I typed my email wrong Robin- jenny.mathews@strengthunited.org
Robin Grove
Thanks Jenny :)