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APPD Virtual Cafe for Fellowship Program Directors - Shared screen with speaker view
Christine Barron
The Next Fellowship Virtual Cafe will be in 2 Weeks June 10th
Ann Klasner
Problem: getting fingerprints which is needed for licenscing in the state - no solution yet.
Liz Bonachea- Neo- OH
We did video apartment tours- Nationwide Cribs. They think they are hilarious
Melissa Bales
My completing fellows shared their housing via email with the incoming fellows, allowing them to get a jump on taking the open spot.
Kammy McGann
Our state medical board waived the fingerprint requirement
Melissa Bales
We are having issues with a slow turn around time for licensing. Doing what we can (may have to use the COVID registry if possible).
Liz Bonachea- Neo- OH
one trainee slow to get paperwork done (redeployed in hotspot) plus slower turnaround times
Emily Strong
We have a fellow coming from Israel, but they currently have a travel ban to the US - so we are hoping she can get here on time, but also trying to make plans in case she can't.
Mary Moffatt
Yes the Canada:USA border remains closed to non essential travel until 6/21 at which point further assessment will occur. :(
Melissa Bales-PICU-Indiana University
Our GME is doing the bulk of orientation online thru modules and our HR group will be doing Zoom sessions. We are planning on holding our 'standard' departmental orientation on the first day, however, are working on back-up plans if needed.
Jill Fussell
We have 6 incoming fellows. We are planning in person training.
Ann Klasner
Our GME is doing Zoom, but we are going to do live with social distrancing if at all possible.
Liz Bonachea- Neo- OH
mix- we have our faculty as of now on non-clinical work from home. We will probably do combinations of in person, zoom for everyone, fellows together but sometimes faculty zooming in. We also are going to try to do as much of our didactic outside as weather permits. Hopefully mixing modalities keeps it less boring
Melissa Bales-PICU-Indiana University
We had to 're-work' our Simulation Boot camp due to COVID restrictions so that is going to look very different this year. We will hold 2 sessions with smaller groups.
Heather French
We do a lot of simulation and procedure training for our NICU new NICU fellows prior to clinical exposures. We are bringing in our 6 fellows in staggered sessions. This will be a lot of extra time for our med ed team.
Becky Blankenburg
We are doing it virtually at Stanford GME and Dept-wide (45 incoming fellows). Individual fellowships may do in-person.
Jill Fussell
In our center, we teach NRP to peds, med-peds house staff, and OB interns. Lots of trainees. We have scheduled 6 sessions to teach NRP with social distancing
Melissa Bales-PICU-Indiana University
Our PICU does not consider that currently although we have a faculty member trained in it and willing to teach our fellows should the option open to us. We don't have clinic; only patients in the units.
Becky Blankenburg
Nicole Paradise Black (University of Florida) is building a national telehealth curriculum for APPD.
Melissa Bales-PICU-Indiana University
We are waiting to see how our EMR training will happen-usually all fellows have to sit thru a training session about this.
Kammy McGann
Love your idea of a zoom meeting ahead of time with incoming fellows!
Melissa Bales-PICU-Indiana University
We have encouraged our fellows to reach out a lot more than previously. Our fellows are still working on planning a 'welcome to Riley' meal, but with the option of it being virtual if needed.
Liz Bonachea- Neo- OH
we had a zoom happy hour this week with the newbs
Liz Bonachea- Neo- OH
We are going to host a few across all the peds subs too
Liz Bonachea- Neo- OH
we involve our NNP leads (they are part of our recruiting committee
Melissa Bales-PICU-Indiana University
How are your institutions handling badges for access?
Suzanne Salamon
my security office is asking for pics being sent in
Ann Klasner
We are going to see if we can have fellows upload pictures and they will make and a PC will pick up...still working on it.
Ronda Chandler
Our institution is having pics be submitted by the fellows and then the GME office will deliver to each program coordinator.
Christine Barron
Please send any ides for future topics to the APPD Fellowship Program Directors' Executive Committee members
Katie Nielsen
are there any updates on the match dates and rank list dates?
Becky Blankenburg
Match and Rank Dates are staying as planned.
Heather French
You should reach out to the business world for tips on interviewing over zoom?
Kammy McGann